Motorcycle Maintenance Mishap

So the first time I change my fluids without my mentor supervising I make a dumb mistake. I fill according to the service manual spec and just before almost dumping in all the specified oil I stop a few ounces shy to check the oil. Too late! I don’t understand it!!!! Why is there too much oil in the tranny? Then I do it again in the engine! After my motorcycle maintenace mishap Diana does hers and she hits it dead nuts on in all three chambers! She rocks! We have a lot of left over oil because the motorcycles don’t take all the recommended amount. Not sure why. Maybe I didn’t warm them up enough to facilitate the drainage of the oil. I dunno! So now I have too much oil in my tranny and engine and freak’n out because I’m going to ruin my motorcycle! I can’t sleep that night knowing it’s not right. After a sleepless night I did figure out how to correct the fluid levels and get them just right. I’m not ready to tell you how. Maybe in the next post. First you tell me what you would do if I came to you for help; besides take my tools away. How do you remove good oil from an overfilled motorcycle engine?

Zen and the Stupid Mistakes

Did Zen ever make any mistakes when he was practicing the art of motorcycle maintenace? Back when I was a kid riding dirt bikes with my best friend Marc we used to make a lot of dumb moves wrenching on our motorcycles. Once Marc stripped his spark plug hole. He tried to glue the spark plug into the cylinder head with Crazy Glue. The spark plug shot out like a missile the first time he tried to kick start the Honda. The projectile almost hit me in the head! Marc’s older brother was an ace mechanic at the local Kawasaki dealer and always came to our rescue. Unfortunately I still screw up and make some dumb moves. Like the time I connected a new battery in my first Sportster negative to positive and positive to negative. Fried that sucker! Made a nasty nasty smell! That’s why I hate working on my newer Harley-Davidson motorcycle! A few years later I have picked up my tools again to do my own motorcycle maintenance for financial reasons. I have also come to realize if you want to know it was done right then you have to do it yourself. This way you also know if it was done wrong. Regardless, you know what was done! I recently made another dumb move but before I disclose it and embarrass myself, please tell me your dumbest motorcycle maintenace mistake story?

What Tires You?

What tires you like and why? How much pressure do you use? How often do you check you tires? When and how do you check them?

I run the stock Harley Dunlops on my Dyna Low Rider at the recommended 30 in the front and 36 in the back for one up motorcycle riding. I measure cold at home. I check often in the beginning of the season and taper off towards the end. I fill them at home with either a small portable or large shop compressor. When they are punctured, I replace them. I run tubeless so I can patch them if I’m on a ride and get a flat. I replace the damaged tire as soon as possible. I hate paying to replace a tire that had plenty of tread left but you gotta do what you gatta do! Whatta you do?

Plugs and Batteries Oh My!

We recently put new spark plugs in our motorcycles. Mostly because the ones in there looked nasty and all rusty. Of course I put the recommended Harley-Davidson® plugs in. I also put a new Harley-Davidson battery in my 2007 Low Rider because it isn’t a good starter. But it still seems to have an issue starting even with the new Harley-Davidson battery. Maybe it’s like it’s owner. Doesn’t like to wake up, starts a little groggy and then grumpy until after a few cups of coffee. How often do you change your spark plugs and what brand do you use? How often do you change your battery and what brand do you use?

The Best Oil and Air Filters

We already discussed oil, so the next logical discussion is oil filters. Might as well talk air filters too. Again I’m in lemming mode buying the stock Harley-Davidson® oil and air filters. I’m thinking the K&N oil filters reccomended on the Fix My Hog DVD look easy to remove with their built in 17mm nut. What oil and air filters do you use on your motorcycle and why?

The Best Motorcycle Oil

So far I have gone from using Harley-Davidson® oil in my motorcycle to Amsoil and back to Harley-Davidson. I’m currently using the Harley-Davidson oil because it is a no brainer. I could go back to Amsoil motorcycle oil which I perceive to be a higher quality product. I thought sticking with Harley makes it easy to pick up at any Harley-Davidson dealer out on the road. That is a bit of poop because many dealerships are closed on Sundays and close early at night. Glimmerman made a comment yesterday that he uses Mobil   V-Twin motorcycle oil and it is readily available at Walmarts,    K-marts and commonly found auto parts stores making it more available than Harley-Davidson oil. This might be a good way to go. Hmm. Can you hear the cogs turn’n in my head?

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Please tell me what oil works best for you and why.