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While Hurricane Irene set it’s sights on the east coast Diana and I headed west just outside the reach of the storm. We had planned to travel by motorcycle to Deep Creek Lake for the first 2012 Maryland/Delaware State H.O.G. Rally meeting. Unfortunately we would be returning back into the storm… so we took the rag top Mustang GT.

One of our missions on Friday August 26th was to take pictures of curvy roads that illustrate how cool the riding is in Garrett County Maryland. Most of you reading this may think this sounds whacky but others of you out there know exactly what I’m talking about. Once you start moto blogging and posting pictures from your rides you start finding some real cool ones that just happened out of luck. Then you start looking for those shots on purpose. Diana was just getting the knack of taking cool pictures while riding passenger when she stopped riding pillion. The timing has to be just right while your riding to capture a picture that shows both the entry and the exit of an S-turn. Since we had the Mustang I figured it would be really cool to put the top down and ride through Savage River State Forest and take pictures of the knarly turns. Diana was perched on the center console armed with her Canon Rebel XSI DSLR as I took the stang through the hair pin turns along Savage River Road. Diana took pictures over the top of the windshield and sometimes out the back. After about 200 boring pictures of road after road we think we got the money shot! Although we were not on bikes we were still moving and capturing the image of an S-turn was still challenging. I think this is more of an M-turn. Ladies and gentleman I present to you… IMG_2843!

the elusive s-turn shot

The weather was great that weekend in Deep Creek Lake. We were able to drive the Mustang topless most of the time. Driving home Sunday night we encountered several downed trees in Baltimore County that forced us to abandon the backroads. It wasn’t rainy but I’m glad we had the security of four wheels when we got into the area where the roads were covered with leaves, branches, trees and downed power lines. At one point we drove through a tree that came down across the road. Someone cut a slice out of the tree with a chainsaw just wide enough for one car to fit through. It was a little unnerving to have a downed tree sneak up on us on a dark heavily forested backroad. Once we got on the highway things were smooth sailing the rest of the way home.

Check out IMG_2843 above from Savage River State Forest and tell me you don’t want to check out Savage River Road! Put it on your list of things to do… ride Savage River Road in Garrett County Maryland! Attend the 2012 Maryland/Delaware State H.O.G. Rally on June 14-17th.

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