I Am Not A Biker Anymore

“I am not a biker!”

Sounds strange to declare this to the motorcycle blogosphere where it is a badge of honor to be called a biker. We biker bloggers have bickered about who wears the badge and who doesn’t. Furthmore, it is strange because two posts ago I declared that I had returned after taking a break… but I was mistaken. To return would be to go backwards or stagnate. I am a fast moving training projecting forward! Been there, done that, not returning!

Nothing against motorcycles and bikers. I still love bikes (and my biker freinds) but they are not my only passion. I also love muscle cars, the outdoors, tropical vacations and so much more. I argue today that a biker is someone who defines his or herself by their obsession with motorcycles. This is their single most important defining character trait that tells you exactly what they are all about. I no longer fit that catagory. Sorry, I am past the point of no return. I obsessed on the motorcycle lifestyle for most of the past ten years. Time to expand my horizons and not feel guilty about it. Motorcycles will no longer define who I am, how I dress, who I associate with and my attitude toward life and other people. I am so much more than I was!

I owe the motorcycle community and the Harley Owners Group a debt of gratitude. For awakening the spirit of adventure in me. For introducing me to hundreds of new friends. For giving me the opportunity to develop as a leader.

I will continue to be a Harley-Davidson enthusiast, a writer, a speaker and a leader but it is time to take off the blinders. I refuse to be a walking talking billboard for Harley-Davidson. I paid my dues. I took a lot of two wheel trips, paid a lot of mechanics and bought alot of motorcycle accesories. In many cases I wish I had that money back. Anyone want a black t-shirt? I have extra. 

I am not a biker anymore. But I still love them and still ride… but not until spring.

I might not post here anymore but I will keep the webiste up for now. It was a labor of love. We have too much invested in it to take it down. Please read the blog posts if you are new to Road Captain USA. If biking is your passion then please continue riding and enjoy the journey. For me, the journey has only begun. There is more to see and do before my time is over. I hope you understand and don’t take offense.

Farewell motorcycle blogosphere… after blogging about motorcycles for six years it might be time to blog about something else. Keep the rubber side down and the shiney side up my friends. I’m outa here!