Return Of Jay

After blogging at least once a week since 2008 I completely missed July and August of 2013 and have not posted since June. My priorities have changed and I am no longer obsessed with motorcycles. After about 20 years I am returning to an obsession with network marketing. We’ll see how that goes. I hope affordable green energy is more lucrative than soap.

I took a break from being a Road Captain as well. It’s been about 13 months since I officially asked to be benched. Today I led my first ride since then and will lead another next month. Maybe I’ll lead a third ride in November before it gets too cold for me.

A Great Group at Woodside

We had a great group. Part of my dislike for Road Captaining that led me to taking a break is the large groups we get in HOG. In my opinion, 6 is the perfect group and anything over 8 is too many. So today’s group of 7 bikes was perfect for me. Another thing I changed to suit me was the start time. For awhile riding got my blood flowing and I could get up for these things in the morning, but as riding became less exciting for me I returned to being a late sleeper on the weekends. So I put up a ride that met at lunchtime. That’s about when I’m ready for the day to start. Before then I’m just getting warmed up.

I also had to take a break because I felt overly responsible for everyone’s well being. I was Director of First State HOG Chapter for three years and got to feel like the members were my family. I actually felt like I was the parent and the members were my children and I was responsible for all of them. I never had kids so this was my substitution for what was missing in my life. Silly isn’t it? Now combine that with witnessing a fatal accident on one of our rides in April of 2009 when I was riding sweep. We lost a close friend. Motorcycle accidents became very real to me after that. So leading large groups of twenty motorcyclists who I felt were all my children and under my protection became too stressful. I definitely needed a break from Road Captaining soon after my three years of Director were over.

This is a good time of year to return to the front of the pack. Fall weather is perfect for riding. Here is a picture I took today. A sign of things to come. Sometimes I feel like the lone red leaf among all the green leaves. Sometimes? More like all the time!

A Sign of Things to Come