Old Friends Meet For First Time

East meets West

Diana and I went to California for our spring break vacation the first week in April. We played the part of caged tourists in San Francisco for a full week and had many adventures. One of our adventures was a day trip to Salinas to meet old friends for the first time!

We started this blog in 2008. At the same time Dave Mickelson started his biker blog: Road Grits Cafe. And John Ciampa started My Harley Mystique. Together, the three of us explored this great creative outlet and picked up more and more blogging friends along the way. Our women even got in on the online action! My wife Diana started contributing to Road Captain USA as Mrs Road Captain. And Dave met Rebekah who started BB’s Road Trip.

There were hundreds if not thousands of miles separating us from Massachusetts to Delaware to California. Dave, who goes by FLHX Dave or VD, has the most magnetism. His blog post rants draw the most comments, the most followers and even the most real life visits. If you follow his blog you know that he has met up with several online personalities… some even made out of paper like Flat Willy! Well Diana and I had to join the esteemed biker bloggers who have actually met the Viking and BB!

What is it like to meet people you have been freinds with online through blogging for five years but have never met? It was just like meeting up with old friends you have met before! After the first greetings were exchanged we all felt like we knew each other forever and this was a normal lunch with close freinds. Except for the part where Dave poked me with his finger to see if I was real. Besides the finger poking it felt very natural and we all got along great. We had a fantastic lunch together. We could have chatted all afternoon about motorcycles, blogging and normal stuff too. It was a little hard to say good bye knowing this might be the only time or one of very few times that we would be able to hang out together in the same real space but none of us wanted to show it… after all that would be silly seeing how we are practically strangers. We said our good byes and drove back to my uncle’s house in Pleasanton repeating over and over again all the way back “they were so cool!”

We hope to see them again in person on another vacation, hopefully one that involves motorcycles.