CB Radio Install Step 2

I have been dwelling on how to mount the antenna bracket for my CB for a few years now… so I have had plenty of time to figure it out in my head. You see they give you this bracket that has slots in it so you thread your license plate bolts through it and fasten it to the backside of your license plate holder. Problem is my Harley-Davidson layflat license plate holder uses fake stick on bolts!

layflat license plate holder with fake bolts and now 2 new holes

Success would rely on being able to drill new holes through the license plate holder. I can leave the fake stick on bolts in place and put a set of real bolts behind the license plate. Only problem is the head of the bolt can only be about 1/8″ or the license plate will bulge out. So I would have to shave off some of the bolt head to make it real flat. I was able to drill the holes (shown above) but they were so close to the fake stick on bolts that I would also need to cut off a portion of the bolt heads. This was good because I wouldn’t need to hold the bolts with a wrench to keep them from spinning when I tighten them.

custom bolts

I customized the stainless steel bolts (shown above in a before and after photo). I love cutting things with my Craftsmen Rotary Tool (Dremel) and a Gyros Fiber Disk 11-41502.

I wanted to find some chrome acorn nuts and washers but I had to live with stainless steel ones from Sears because I have no idea where you can pop in and select just two chrome fastners. All went together pretty well. Amazing what you can acomplish if you dwell on something for about three years!




all done!

As a perfectionist I don’t like how you can see the new bolts peeking over the top edge of the license plate. I might have to get a decorative license plate frame. Besides that I am happy with how this came together.

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  1. get a small piece of s/s flat bar and 2 s/s bolts. i will weld the threads to the hole and buff it off or use regular steel and paint it black. then nothing showing. be glad to do it for you, mr. green.

  2. Good idea but I’m good with how it came out. Thanks for the offer.

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