CB Radio Install Step 1

Bike In House 1

It’s winter time and I don’t have a garage. I have a small enclosed porch that is frigid and a tight fit for two Harley-Davidsons. If I’m going to install a CB radio in January, step one is getting my motorcycle into my house! I never brought my motorcycle into the house before. I decided to bring the Dyna into my wood shop through the rear sliding french doors.

Bike In House 2

I assumed the french sliders were wider than the front door but it turns out I was wrong. I rode the Harley from the enclosed porch, back around the slick back yard and up onto the rotting back porch at it’s lowest point. I’m glad the motorcycle didn’t go through the porch, that would have been a pain in rear! Mind you my foot has gone through that rotting thing I call a porch so the fact that the Harley didn’t is nothing short of a Christmas miracle!

Bike In House 3

It would have been smart to take the engine guard off but smart just isn’t my thing. The guard was just a smidge wider than the opening in the sliders and made for a very difficult entry. I had to call in the wife for help! The two of us wrestled with the bike to no avail. Then we encorporated the Craftsman motorcycle lift as a dolly… but it wouldn’t roll across the rotten bowing deck slats. I backed the motorcycle off the deck and put down a sheet of aluminum as a deck floor. The Harley didn’t want to start. Then it just wanted to spin the tire in mud. I had to roll back off the deck and getting a rolling start to get back up on the deck and into the doorway. Then we tried the lift again. It was easier to roll the lift on the aluminum sheet. Eventually we twisted the motorcycle through the doorway and into the shop.

Step one complete! Owe my aching back!