5th Year of Moto Blogging

Jay on his first Harley Davidson motorcycle

Wow! Yesterday was the 5th year anniversary since publication of my first blog post titled “Discovery Channel Addict” on January 5, 2008 on this website. It’s a great post, you should click the link and read it now.

I wish I could go back in time and be a “newbie” again. Your senses are so keen when you are new to motorcycling. You can feel the adrenaline when encountering new obstacles. You fear coming to a stop light and a million thoughts come into your head. You’re not sure what it is like to stop your motorcycle, balance, put your feet down and wait for the light to turn green. Will it turn green? Maybe you won’t trip the light because you are on a motorcycle?

It’s the introspectiveness I miss most. As you ride you contemplate the usual questions: am I a biker, who is a biker, to wave or not to wave? Enthusiasm is a close second to introspectiveness. For a long time “obesession” would have been a more accurate word to describe our relationship with riding. I wouldn’t think twice about going for a chapter ride on a 36 degree Sunday in January a few years ago… but now? No way! I’m not leaving my cozy study to freeze my butt off! Even if I do own several pairs of thermal underwear, a heated jacket liner, heated gloves, a neck warmer and a full face helmet! 

I used to do a lot of product reviews… but now I have all the products I need. I used to do a lot of book reviews but I’m reading different types of books now, so no more book reviews. I used to go to a lot of motorcycle shows, but they all seem the same. What will I write about this winter?

Hopefully I’ll find more to write about than my waning enthusiasm, lack of introspection and challenge in finding motorcycle related inspiration. I hope you keep coming back to read what I come up with.

2 Responses to “5th Year of Moto Blogging”

  1. You know motorcycling is not just about stuff it is also about people. Write about them. You must have met some interesting people in your rides who told some great stories. To be honest riding is only half of the fun for me the other half are the people that ride and I get to meet.

  2. Thanks, that is very good advice. I’ll have to pick up some new writing skills this year to pull that off. The next book I read is called Wired For Story and hopefully I can pick up some new skills in story telling.

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