CB Radio Install Step 4

I installed the bracket that holds the radio on the handlebar… and then realized I could not attach the radio to the bracket with it in place. The radio attaches to the bracket with three screws from underneath the bracket. I had to undo the bracket to attach the radio and then reattach the bracket.

cb radio bracket

cb radio

You can see the radio interfares with my left mirror.

CB Radio Install Step 3

This video shows you how the antenna attaches to the bracket and how to adjust the SWR.

CB Radio Install Step 2

I have been dwelling on how to mount the antenna bracket for my CB for a few years now… so I have had plenty of time to figure it out in my head. You see they give you this bracket that has slots in it so you thread your license plate bolts through it and fasten it to the backside of your license plate holder. Problem is my Harley-Davidson layflat license plate holder uses fake stick on bolts!

layflat license plate holder with fake bolts and now 2 new holes

Success would rely on being able to drill new holes through the license plate holder. I can leave the fake stick on bolts in place and put a set of real bolts behind the license plate. Only problem is the head of the bolt can only be about 1/8″ or the license plate will bulge out. So I would have to shave off some of the bolt head to make it real flat. I was able to drill the holes (shown above) but they were so close to the fake stick on bolts that I would also need to cut off a portion of the bolt heads. This was good because I wouldn’t need to hold the bolts with a wrench to keep them from spinning when I tighten them.

custom bolts

I customized the stainless steel bolts (shown above in a before and after photo). I love cutting things with my Craftsmen Rotary Tool (Dremel) and a Gyros Fiber Disk 11-41502.

I wanted to find some chrome acorn nuts and washers but I had to live with stainless steel ones from Sears because I have no idea where you can pop in and select just two chrome fastners. All went together pretty well. Amazing what you can acomplish if you dwell on something for about three years!




all done!

As a perfectionist I don’t like how you can see the new bolts peeking over the top edge of the license plate. I might have to get a decorative license plate frame. Besides that I am happy with how this came together.

CB Radio Install Step 1

Bike In House 1

It’s winter time and I don’t have a garage. I have a small enclosed porch that is frigid and a tight fit for two Harley-Davidsons. If I’m going to install a CB radio in January, step one is getting my motorcycle into my house! I never brought my motorcycle into the house before. I decided to bring the Dyna into my wood shop through the rear sliding french doors.

Bike In House 2

I assumed the french sliders were wider than the front door but it turns out I was wrong. I rode the Harley from the enclosed porch, back around the slick back yard and up onto the rotting back porch at it’s lowest point. I’m glad the motorcycle didn’t go through the porch, that would have been a pain in rear! Mind you my foot has gone through that rotting thing I call a porch so the fact that the Harley didn’t is nothing short of a Christmas miracle!

Bike In House 3

It would have been smart to take the engine guard off but smart just isn’t my thing. The guard was just a smidge wider than the opening in the sliders and made for a very difficult entry. I had to call in the wife for help! The two of us wrestled with the bike to no avail. Then we encorporated the Craftsman motorcycle lift as a dolly… but it wouldn’t roll across the rotten bowing deck slats. I backed the motorcycle off the deck and put down a sheet of aluminum as a deck floor. The Harley didn’t want to start. Then it just wanted to spin the tire in mud. I had to roll back off the deck and getting a rolling start to get back up on the deck and into the doorway. Then we tried the lift again. It was easier to roll the lift on the aluminum sheet. Eventually we twisted the motorcycle through the doorway and into the shop.

Step one complete! Owe my aching back!

C What I Got for Christmas

J&M CB Radio from Cycle Accessory Store

Diana did it once again! She is awesome. She bought me the J&M handlebar mounted CB radio from Cycle Accesory Store for Christmas… again!

She bought me one for Christmas a few years ago but I thought it was too expensive and exchanged it for two Chatterboxes so we could talk to each other. Those things didn’t work and I sent them back. That has been a sore spot since. I will probably never exchange another gift from my very thoughtful wife ever again!

Diana eventually came into a unit like this that was used. She is the third owner. The two previous owners were members of our HOG Chapter and both upgraded to touring bikes that had CB’s after owning this one for a short spell. So Diana has been using this radio with much success… at half the investment of a new one!

Midland CB 75-822

mount midland cb to magnetic map holder

magnetic mount antenna on luggage rack

I on the other hand have been experimenting with a cheap substitution in the way of a Midland handheld unit wired up in a multitude of ways. At first it worked alright but by this year I could just use it for rudimentary communication. One word answers and such. I’m sure it’s partly my fault as I have never been a good listener but I can’t tell what anyone is saying half the time.

complete installation of midland Cb on low rider

5th Year of Moto Blogging

Jay on his first Harley Davidson motorcycle

Wow! Yesterday was the 5th year anniversary since publication of my first blog post titled “Discovery Channel Addict” on January 5, 2008 on this website. It’s a great post, you should click the link and read it now.

I wish I could go back in time and be a “newbie” again. Your senses are so keen when you are new to motorcycling. You can feel the adrenaline when encountering new obstacles. You fear coming to a stop light and a million thoughts come into your head. You’re not sure what it is like to stop your motorcycle, balance, put your feet down and wait for the light to turn green. Will it turn green? Maybe you won’t trip the light because you are on a motorcycle?

It’s the introspectiveness I miss most. As you ride you contemplate the usual questions: am I a biker, who is a biker, to wave or not to wave? Enthusiasm is a close second to introspectiveness. For a long time “obesession” would have been a more accurate word to describe our relationship with riding. I wouldn’t think twice about going for a chapter ride on a 36 degree Sunday in January a few years ago… but now? No way! I’m not leaving my cozy study to freeze my butt off! Even if I do own several pairs of thermal underwear, a heated jacket liner, heated gloves, a neck warmer and a full face helmet! 

I used to do a lot of product reviews… but now I have all the products I need. I used to do a lot of book reviews but I’m reading different types of books now, so no more book reviews. I used to go to a lot of motorcycle shows, but they all seem the same. What will I write about this winter?

Hopefully I’ll find more to write about than my waning enthusiasm, lack of introspection and challenge in finding motorcycle related inspiration. I hope you keep coming back to read what I come up with.