2012 Mostly Low With Some Highs

Jay Camping

I can’t believe the year is over! We bought a 2001 Dodge Dakota on New Years Eve last year so we are having a birthday cake tonight for the Baby Ram. The expectation was to pick up a used pick up, a trailer and drive off into the sunset. It didn’t quite work out that way. The Dodge turned out to be a little project needing extra love to nurse the Baby Ram back to health. No trailering but we did go fishing and camping (ar 15 parts for the activity) and the truck was fun for doing that. A year later and the Dodge seems road worthy and ready for 2013.

Our Home on the Road

our new half price tent

Fix My Hog Banner 4

The year started out at RC USA with a motorcycle maintenance theme as we added Fix My Hog DVD’s to our product line at www.Shop.RoadCaptainUSA.com and did our own spring tune ups on the Harleys. With the addition of the needy Dodge the year quickly grew into a car, truck and motorcycle maintenance theme. The truck was a learning experience that carried over to the cars.

Diana draining her fluids

novice mechanic at work

Diana cleaning drain plugs and installing new o-rings

The year was supposed to have a HOG State rally theme to it with plans to attend three rallys. Our biggest accomplishment of the year was taking part in the organization of the Maryland/Delaware State Rally. The entire first half of the year was dedicated to making the rally a success. Organizing the rally killed our riding season but we got to bring a lot of joy to other HOG members and put on an incredible event! It was a lot of work but worth it! We didn’t go to the other two rallys we were planning on. We were burnt out and the whole trailer thing didn’t go as planned.

Riding on Ocracoke Island

sunrise on cape hatteras with a beach branch

Diana behind the Sandbar and Grill

The view from the deck of the Sandbar and Grill

two harleys at the sandbar and grill in buxton, nc

cape charles sunset

Diana in front of OBX bush

waiting for the ferry back

Jay on a sand dune

We took two major road trips on our motorcycles this year. In the spring we had an all out 5 day adventure and went down to the Outer Banks of North Carolina. Unfortunately the last leg of the trip had us return home in a U-Haul truck due to mechanical problems. oops ball bearings popping out

Two Dyna’s loaded in the U-Haul

After the rally in Deep Creek we treated ourselves to a 4th of July trip to Deep Creek Lake, West Virginia and Skyline Drive! it was an awesome trip but extremly hot!!!

shadey spot with a view of seneca rocks

jay Green at Seneca rocks Vistor center

Diana on top of the world!

motorcycle on skyline drive coming throughtunnel

hey I’m in a tree on skyline drive

Bear Creek Lodge in Cass, WV

After that we backed off motorcycles for a bit. I found myself for the first time in 5 years with no responsibilities to HOG. I had some catching up to do with my family and some new passtimes to try out. I tried fishing but it wasn’t for me. We went on two camping trips and had a great time!

There were some highs but too many lows. We finally sold our townhouse in Baltimore that took about three years. We lost our shirts but saved our credit through a short sale. Diana’s father passed away. A friend from our HOG Chapter fell ill and he too passed away. The year is coming to an end with me realizing my parents are both ill and need me to take an active roll in their lives. There has also been some lows at work so overall it hasn’t been a great year for us. On the bright side, Diana started an online graduate program this month and is doing very well with it. She will have her masters degree in the not so distant future! I am super proud of her for deciding to do this and doing so well with it. I’m also working on my education in a less formal way.

We’ll hunker down in 2013 and take care of my parents. First we’ll find them a place to live near me and then my life is in for some serious changes as I learn how to look after them. We’ll spend the winter on our respective course work. In the spring we are going to take an awesome vacation to San Francisco. Maybe we can even hook up with some west coast moto bloggers! Then we’ll come back, tune up the motorcycles and hit the road for another riding season. Good bye 2012!