Wrench’n On Cars & Motorcycles

Now that we own a compact car, a muscle car, a pick up truck and two Harleys I have to pick up some of the maintenance or I’ll be in the poor house. How’s that for motivation?

I’m not a gear head or schooled in the fine art of automotive or motorcycle repair. However the need has arisen to pick up the wrenches. First out of responsibility to know what was done and how it was done. Secondly to save money!

Through my HOG mentor, service manuals, informative books, training DVD’s, online forums and YouTube I have gleaned enough info to perform maintenance on our vehicles. Yesterday I changed the rear brake pads and rotors on our Mustang GT and I’m damn proud of myself!

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I would like to plug Advance Auto Parts. They rock! I order stuff online and pick up at store sometimes saving 20% and receiving a $50 coupon on purchases of $100 or more to be used the following month. It’s a great deal! The service has been great! I have been able to return things for full credit that didn’t work for me. I have purchase parts that have a lifetime warranty and get replacements at no charge. I mistakenly forgot to put a 20% coupon code in during an online checkout at midnight. I e-mailed customer service and it was taken care of before I even woke up the next morning. And to top it off those parts were ready for pick up before lunchtime! The staff at the Newark, DE store are always helpful and full of information.

I would also like to plug YouTube! I have watched a number of video’s on YouTube showing me how to do a number of repairs on the Dakota and Mustang.

Doing my own automotive maintenance… saving hundreds of dollars… another benefit from our involvement with the motorcycle community.