Tripping By Bike vs Truck

There is a certain amount of adventure that comes with leaving your house for an overnight trip with just the shirt on your back. I’ve done it, but it might have only been one time back in college. For the record, I had on more than just my shirt; I was fully clothed. When it comes to motorcycle trips you have to be a minimalist because most motorcycles only have enough storage for essentials. So “yes” you can bring more than the shirt on your back, but not a lot more! Hmmm, what can I fit in my saddlebags besides a full set of rain gear, a compact air compressor and some tools? Not much! Pack your toiletries and a change of clothes! Maybe a bathing suit, sweatshirt and a camera. Clean underwear and socks optional! Just kidding.

On the other hand when we travel by car we take everything because… well because we can! And we have a set of matching luggage and a slew of coolers that need to be utilized or they collect dust bunnies.

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Traveling by truck is something new to us and it has added a new flavor of adventure. With the pick up you can load up enough gear to make a home away from home for a couple of days and that is also a little adventurous. When traveling by motorcycle or car we know we’ll stay at a motel and eat at a restaurant or gas station. What we don’t bring with us we’ll buy on the way. No worries! When we go camping we need to think of EVERYTHING we’ll need including food and shelter. Not only do we bring the food and beveridges but the means to prepare it, cook it and shovel it into my smores love’n pie hole. The goal being to not leave the campground once we get there. To disconnect from society. So this is the flip side to motorcycle packing. We have one chance to think of what we need for the entire weekend and pack it in the truck.

full load in the Dodge bed

Car, truck, bike. All different flavors of road tripping. Packing is different for each and an integral part of the adventure that is unique to the mode of travel.

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