Where Can A Marylander Escape To?

So where is the wilderness? Where can we go to get away from urban sprawl and enjoy a truly rustic experience in Maryland? How can we escape the hustle bustle of strip mall hell, maintain a reasonable drive time and find loads of fun affordable activities? Is there such an oasis of outdoor fun in the state of Maryland? The answer is “yes!”. There is such a place in Garrett County, Maryland and it is called Deep Creek Lake! It is such a well kept secret that hardly anyone I know has ever heard of it!

After having lived in Delaware and Maryland for over twenty years a friend mentioned to me that she was going to Deep Creek Lake for a few days on her motorcycle. At the time she was the Director of our local chapter of the Harley Owners Group and I was the Assistant Director. She needed me to cover for her while she was on vacation. Like most Delawareans I was at a loss because I had no idea where or what Deep Creek Lake was. My wife who grew up just a smidge west of Baltmore knew about Deep Creek Lake. It turns out her parents honeymooned in Deep Creek and took the kids there on a number of family vacations. She hadn’t been to Deep Creek since she was a kid and has fond memories of horse back riding and other outdoor activities. She is one of the few Marylanders I’ve met who knows the state doesn’t come to an end at Hagerstown!

I asked some of my friends at the First State Chapter of the Harley Owners Group what they knew about the area. Those who knew Deep Creek got excited like all bikers do when you ask them about famous scenic roads like the Blue Ridge Parkway and Route 129 in Deals Gap, North Carolina; better known as Tail of the Dragon! My fellow bikers would go on and on about how twisty the roads are and how beautiful the scenery is. They described gorgeous mountain vistas, babbling brooks, cascading waterfalls and came back to our favorite topic… twisty hilly roads. Us flat landers have one track minds! They painted a picture for me of a motorcyclist’s oasis at the furthest western border of the state of Maryland with twisty back roads that make you want to run out and buy a new Suzuki GSX and full racing leathers. What they didn’t tell me is that Deep Creek Lake and the surrounding area is a year round vacation paradise with a plethora of activities for anyone and everyone! DCL is the perfect road trip destination for anyone seeking refuge from urban sprawl along the mid Atlantic!