Take Me Away On A Road Trip

Ever since the automobile became an affordable means of transportation for the American family, road trips have become a classic American pass time. With the development of civilized roads and roadside motels traveling for leisure quickly rooted itself in our culture. It is an integral part of our freedom loving nature to travel and explore. Just as American pioneers were driven to explore the wilderness by horse drawn wagon and blaze a trail westward we modern Americans are still driven to explore wilderness and seek adventure. Unfortunately wilderness has become more and more difficult to find, especially on the east coast of the United States. It certainly isn’t anywhere inside the New York City, Philadelphia and Baltimore triangle! You can even extend that down into Washington, DC for that matter! All you’ll find is strip malls, fast food and urban congestion! In order to find any peaceful back roads I have to do battle with mini vans, SUV’s and delivery truck drivers. At least half of them aren’t even paying attention to the road as they yak on their cell phones and text each other while navigating tricky intersections. Scanning their iPod for their favorite song at 45 in a 35 is more important to them than sharing the road with me! I don’t know about you, but I could really use more wilderness, less traffic and an all round change of pace!

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