Road Tripping Is Adventure

Road Tripping is adventure whether on two wheels or four! As a motorcyclist I don’t think about road tripping as road tripping because it comes with the territory. Motorcycling is road tripping all the time, especially on overnights. We all know it’s the journey and not the destination that makes motorcycling so much fun. However without a destination in mind or some sort of target most road trips don’t happen so picking destinations and the destination itself is part of the fun. Not having any children or dogs at home gives me and Diana the freedom to road trip every weekend, holiday and vacation and I probably take this for granted. I was talking with a coworker who was missing her road trip days and it made me a little bit more aware of how lucky we are to road trip either by Harley, Mustang, Compact Car or 4×4 pick up. I always think in terms of either being on a motorcycle trip and then everything else. But I guess road tripping itself is still a commonality even when we are not on two wheels. Most of our trips this year have been in the Toyota Corolla out of practicality and the pick up has been getting a few shake down trips lately. The Mustang only came out of the coral once this summer for a spontaneous overnighter to Ocean City. Unfortunately we have not done enough motorcycle riding this year. Only two big trips thus far. But you know what? Road tripping or any kind of travel is still an adventure regardless of the mode of travel! It’s still a journey to excite your senses going to new places and not knowing what lady luck or mother nature is going to throw at you once you’re on the road. Even if you’re not traveling by motorcycle the spirit of the adventure is still in us! We went on a lot a great trips in the Toyota and “yes” I wish we went by motorcycle… but they were still an adventure even if they were in a little silver cookie cutter import compact.

Our next road trip is to the eastern shore of Virginia which we have been to and blogged about many times. Chance keeps bringing us back to the area where we lost our friend Karen on a road trip back in 2009. My brother’s in laws moved to that area shortly after the accident. We have been back on a number of road trips and the last one ended in mechanical failure for Diana’s Harley-Davidson Super Glide. We came home in a U-Haul 🙁

crab decks too

This next trip will connect us to authors Susan and Bill Wade whose book, Crab Decks & Tiki Bars of the Chesapeake Bay, is full of great Maryland destinations. Over 150 of them! All with fantastic views of the Chesapeake. So if you are a boater, biker or road tripper of any kind you can add this book to your collection of road trip resources for the Mid Atlantic. See you on the road!

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