The Sandbar at Rolph’s Wharf

The Sandbar Bar & Grill

I got this book called Crab Decks & Tiki Bars of the Chesapeake Bay. It includes in-depth profiles of 150+ waterfront restaurants and/or tiki bars in Maryland along the Chesapeake Bay and it’s tributaries. Cool, over 150 waterfront destinations! Fill your tank, lets ride!

crab decks too

Listed as the southernmost destination in the Upper Eastern Shore chapter I felt like this would be a first good trip to try out from the book. It wouldn’t be too close but it was a fairly short ride for us. The Sandbar at Rolph’s Wharf in Chestertown is really on the Kingstown side of the Chester River. I wouldn’t call this a tiki bar but it is definitely a sandbar! It’s on a little marina beach at Rolph’s Wharf Marina behind their swimming pool. The ride is a straight shot from Chesapeake City down to Chestertown on Rt 213. Bang a right on Rolph’s Wharf Road and follow it to the wharf. It’s an easy ride!

The Sandbar on the beach in Chestertown

If you want to ride to a casual waterfront bar this is a super cool place! Boaters float right up to the beach in bathing suits and mosey on up to the bar and/or grill area. Their kids and dogs play on the beach in the water while Mom and Dad enjoy a cocktail and lunch. Several bikers will come and go while you’re there. Adirondack chairs with umbrellas line the beach. Picnic tables are spread out on the sand lot and a stage is set up for night time entertainment. The coolest thing about the bar is – it’s really a boat! They converted a boat with a big hole in the bottom into a bar!

Diana at he sandbar

the bar is a boat!

This place is not about the food. They serve steamed shrimp, crab cakes, hot dogs, burgers and other things but the food isn’t that great. I tried my first fried oyster sandwich and Diana got a chicken salad sandwich. My first bite produced a deep fried oyster shell! Both sandwiches were on rolls that were so dry they crumbled apart. The atmosphere and comfortable breeze on the beach was so relaxing we didn’t want to leave even if the food was disappointing. I wouldn’t take anyone here for lunch so it is not good for HOG Chapter rides. But it is a unique destination worth discovering. It’s a great place to ride to if you like to stop for a cold beer and try to chill out on a hot summer day. Definitely an awesome place for boaters!