A Hot Anniversary

Saturday July 7th was our 5th wedding anniversary and the final day of our celebratory Fire on the Mountain Trip. It was supposed to be the hottest day and as expected it was. We had ridden up Skyline Drive and stayed in Winchester, VA overnight thinking that was a pretty good way to stagger this trip and leave the shortest amount of riding for this final day which was sure to be a scorcher. The Travelodge offered a continental breakfast in the lobby. Between the breakfast and the swimming pool this was a decent place to stay and the rates were very affordable.

We started the day by going down to the lobby for bagels and orange juice. The news was on and reporting that with the heat index the temperature would be 104 degrees! For a few bucks we could have just stayed another day and swam in the pool but we usually stick to our plans being the overly organized anal couple we are. So we rode home where there were no more cool mountains and forests to protect us from the heat. We did some expressway (but not Interstate) riding and some back roads, but it was like riding in a convection oven the whole way home.

We stopped at a Dairy Queen just north of Frederick, MD and stayed inside for icy drinks for about 20 minutes enjoying the air conditioning. It was still early and we are not sure if they were officially open for the day but they served us as if they were. Our second stop was the Royal Farms in Gamber, MD and again we stayed inside to enjoy the air conditioning and ate lunch. We stop here so often if feels like a second home away from home. I think we should have also planned our next stop at a place with indoor seating but we stopped at our usual Wawa and stood outside in the blazing heat for our third rest popping inside to use the restroom twice before hitting the rode. I kept wetting myself down in the bathroom using the sink like a bird bath. Diana soaked her doo-rag in the sink and wrapped it around her head still dripping with cold water. We would have been smart to take another rest before reaching home, but being creatures of habit we stuck to our normal resting points, this being the last one. As we got closer and closer to home the feeling that one more minute out there in the heat was going to drive me mad kept increasing.

Somehow we arrived home without suffering heat stroke. We put the bikes away, unpacked and checked in with the cat. She was pissed that we left her for so long, but got over it quickly. We had a great trip, enjoyed celebrating our country’s birthday and our 5th wedding anniversary and were back home… it was a good feeling to be home again. Especially with the air conditioning cranked up!