US Rt 250 and Skyline Drive

motorcycle on skyline drive coming throughtunnel

On July 6th it was still hot but we had some of the best roads in the mid Atlantic region ahead of us. We woke up and went downstairs from the Bear Creek Lodge to grab breakfast at the Route 66 Outpost in Cass, West Virginia. We handed over the keys to the room and ordered grilled breakfast sandwiches. They were good! I mean really really hot off the greasy grill good! And cheap too! I didn’t know it at the time but we had some very challenging twisties ahead of us and Diana was nervous. She didn’t seem nervous and I just didn’t know. In fact I completely forgot how challenging this kind of riding is to a less experienced rider. For me I love the cambered hilly S-turns of West Virgina, but Diana had never been on roads like this before. She took the turns extremely slow and I chugged along behind her trying to focus on how enjoyable it is to be riding these beautiful roads with my favorite riding companion; even if I couldn’t take the turns as aggressively as I would like to. We rode along Rt 250 in West Virgina and into Virgina with our destination being the famous Skyline Drive. Riding Skyline Drive would also be a first for Diana and it would be a little more comfortable for her with its 35mph speed limit.

mountains and more mountains

motorcycles at skyline

We had to drive through Staunton to get to Skyline Drive and that was the only crappy part of trip so far. We hit traffic and traffic lights and it was scorching hot. The heat off the road and our motorcycles was horrid in the stop and go crap. We missed a turn and had to turn around and were getting hot under the collar and everywhere else. Finally we got through town and then into Shenandoah National Park. Once on Skyline Drive we kept moving. As long as we were moving it was comfortable but it was too hot to stop. In addition to the heat it was very buggy at all the rest stops. To make matters worse a bad storm had recently come through and the power was still out at the rest stops. No gas pumps and no air conditioning at the rest stops in the park. Good thing we had filled our tanks and were able to buy warm Gatorade. The good news is it was a sunny day and riding on Skyline Drive makes you feel like you are on top of the world! The scenery is hard to beat along all 105 miles.

Diana on top of the world!

The closer we got to the end of Skyline Drive my sore ass, my sore back and my stomach started to take over. They had enough riding in this heat and were complaining to me. They wanted to get to the Travelodge in Winchester, VA pronto! There was a swimming pool waiting for us and by the time we got there the heat had really grilled us good. It really sucked checking in, unpacking and parking the bikes. I had just had it after riding all day and cooking on the road. After a dip in the pool life was good again! Then we walked over to the Texas Steakhouse & Saloon. After some tall Yuenglings, a good steak and a sweet potato I was good to go… good to go to bed that is!

hey I’m in a tree on skyline drive

majestic views line skyline

During the day there were three different times that deer had either crossed in front of Diana or waited for her to go by before crossing. No close calls or anything but just unusual for us to have that happen three times in one day. I also came along a turn on Skyline Drive where a car in the opposite lane was stopped for no reason. Then I realized the people in the car were watching a black bear cub in the woods to my right. I was pretty excited to see my first bear while riding, even if was just a little one. Another time we came upon another stopped SUV in our lane but couldn’t figure out why it was stopped and never did. We had to pass that idiot.

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