Is It Worth The Risk?

In April of 2009 my wife and I were on a chapter ride heading to North Carolina. We helped organize this ride with our friends Karen and Ed. Karen and Ed led the ride and me my wife Diana swept the ride. We had about 18 riders in between. It was a beautiful day for riding, maybe a little windy. A red Ford Taurus came flying down a dirt road behind a grove of trees and cut right into the road where we were traveling at highway speed. The driver took out our friend Karen and she now resides in heaven. The driver went to jail.

I’m freaked out because I ride with my wife. She rides her own Harley and I don’t want anything to happen to her. As time goes by and we become more and more involved with the motrocycle community we also learn of other motorcycle fatalities among our circle of influence. Sometimes it is someone we know and other times it is a freind of someone we know. Either way it hits close to home and happens too often.

How can we not ask ourselves: Is It Worth It? For the most part I think it is. If I had to choose between living on two wheels and dying a quick painless death on two wheels I will definitely take two wheels even if that meant this would be the last month of my life. The haunting concern though is the kind of accident that leaves you a mangled miserable shadow of what you once were. What if one of us were to survive a major wreck and be left paralyzed? I can’t see being confined to a wheelchair without the use of my arms, legs and speech. If that were to happen I am sure I would ask myself why hadn’t I given this sport up. But then it would be too late.  The wise ones will say you can’t live in fear. You can not let fear immobilize you and keep you from doing the things you love. I hope they are right because we are still riding. My wife believes when your time is up, it’s up and all the worry about the what ifs is a waste of time and energy. I hope she is right, because like I said, we are still riding.

So aside from the what ifs and my doomsday images I have to say that the adventures and the people we have met definitely make this choice the right choice. Riding Harley-Davidson motorcycles has opened our lives up to so many experiences that we would not have otherwise been able to accumulate so many good friends and memories. I have seen more places, experienced more adventures and met more people than those who have not joined the ranks of the motorcycle riding community. In the short time I have been riding Harleys I have had countless experiences and adventures that I would not trade for anything.