A Break from Motorcycles?

Maybe kinda like a break. The past year has been unlike any other since I bought my first Harley-Davidson motorcycle. Usually we particpated in numerous First State HOG chapter rides and events, especially during my time as Activities Officer, Assistant Director and Director of First State Chapter. This year was different as I stepped away from being the Director and then stepped away from being a Road Captain. I would like to tell you we have been riding the rubber off but that would be incorrect. Actually we have hardly gotten in any saddle time with the exception of two major road trips. This is partly because we are taking a break but mostly because we had so much on our plate this year. Helping organize the Maryland/Delaware State HOG Rally as the Site Coordinator (me) and the Volunteer Coordinator (Diana) was partly to blame. The monthly meetings, training in Ohio, trips to the rally location and the rally itself didn’t match up with our idea of riding safely… so we spent many hours traveling in our very practical Toyota Corrola for the good of the rally. There were two long weekends in May that we pre rode rally ride routes measuring the distance in miles from each turn and drove 2000 miles total getting back and forth to Deep Creek and then driving and redriving the routes. So yes we have been off the motorcycles, but it didn’t seem like a break. We spent a considerable amount of time and money organizing this event for our fellow chapter members, the members of all the other chapters in our region and members of National HOG from anywhere in the world. Maybe it was a break from riding, a break from our routine but it wasn’t a break from motorcycles and it didn’t feel like a break. Now… I feel like I need a break!