June 2012 Ups & Downs

June was a crazy month for me and Diana. We didn’t blog much, sorry about that. We didn’t write for East Coast Biker either, we were preoccupied. The month was filled with monumental ups and downs.

Diana and I have been two committee members on an eight person team organizing the 2012 Maryland/Delaware State HOG Rally. We worked on the rally committee for over a year but in truth this project started for us around July of 2010. So after two years of creativity, scouting trips, training and planning we held the rally on this past Father’s Day weekend and it was a huge success! The weather was awesome and over 600 HOG members particpated in the event! They had a great time, smiles were pasted on their faces and many of them took the time to tell us what a fantastic time they were having and thanked us for our hard work. It was awesome, but also huge relief that it is over.

Another long and stressful project has come to a successful closure for us. Diana’s townhouse which has been on the market for over 2 years sold at short sale this past Thursday. We put a huge amount of work into fixing the house up which is about 2 hours travel time from us. We stopped paying the mortgage and were in danger of forclosure for a long time. The first short sale offer was denied by the bank after several months of review which took it off the market. The next offer came in February and was touch and go until closing last week. I’m glad that’s over!

Unfortunately among these super high points is a super low point. Diana’s Father passed away in his sleep last weekend. Diana and her siblings are making the final arrangements for Dad. He once told me we should “Go For The Gusto!”… and as bikers we definitely try to live in the moment and “go for the gusto” as often as possible. Good words to live by.