Sucker Turkey Tube

So you want to know how to get good oil out of a slightly overfilled Harley-Davidson engine? Or rather you want to know how I did it!

The night before I did my first Harley-Davidson oil change on my own we were at a First State HOG dinner and dance. I was telling our chapter maintenance guru about some issues I was having with my Dodge truck and how it had too much steering fluid in the steering reservoir. I had bought some clear tubing at Home Dept for $4.00 to siphon it off. My mentor told me not to do that! He said to go to the grocery store and buy a turkey baster for less than $2.00 and suck out just the exact amount! A lot easier and more accurate!

So I’m doing my first Harley oil change and I fill my motorcycle with too much oil! I’m freak’n out big time! I’m explaining frantically to Diana this is a big deal! It’s not like I can fit a turkey baster into that little hole and bend it around inside the engine and suck out the oil!!!! What am I gonna dooo?! My motorcycle is gonna be ruined!!! I’ll blow the valves or something horrible!

So I now have a turkey baster and clear tubing for the Dodge and a light bulb goes off in my sick demented head! The next day I cut off a foot long length of clear tubing and squeezed it into the opening of the turkey baster. Then I fed the tubing down into my engine and sucked up the oil 1/4 oz at a time for several hours until my oil was at the dead nuts on correct level. So that’s how I stuck a turkey baster into a small hole to suck up unwanted lubricant! Sounds like something out of that new American Pie movie. “One time at band camp…”