Motorcycle Maintenance Mishap

So the first time I change my fluids without my mentor supervising I make a dumb mistake. I fill according to the service manual spec and just before almost dumping in all the specified oil I stop a few ounces shy to check the oil. Too late! I don’t understand it!!!! Why is there too much oil in the tranny? Then I do it again in the engine! After my motorcycle maintenace mishap Diana does hers and she hits it dead nuts on in all three chambers! She rocks! We have a lot of left over oil because the motorcycles don’t take all the recommended amount. Not sure why. Maybe I didn’t warm them up enough to facilitate the drainage of the oil. I dunno! So now I have too much oil in my tranny and engine and freak’n out because I’m going to ruin my motorcycle! I can’t sleep that night knowing it’s not right. After a sleepless night I did figure out how to correct the fluid levels and get them just right. I’m not ready to tell you how. Maybe in the next post. First you tell me what you would do if I came to you for help; besides take my tools away. How do you remove good oil from an overfilled motorcycle engine?