Zen and the Stupid Mistakes

Did Zen ever make any mistakes when he was practicing the art of motorcycle maintenace? Back when I was a kid riding dirt bikes with my best friend Marc we used to make a lot of dumb moves wrenching on our motorcycles. Once Marc stripped his spark plug hole. He tried to glue the spark plug into the cylinder head with Crazy Glue. The spark plug shot out like a missile the first time he tried to kick start the Honda. The projectile almost hit me in the head! Marc’s older brother was an ace mechanic at the local Kawasaki dealer and always came to our rescue. Unfortunately I still screw up and make some dumb moves. Like the time I connected a new battery in my first Sportster negative to positive and positive to negative. Fried that sucker! Made a nasty nasty smell! That’s why I hate working on my newer Harley-Davidson motorcycle! A few years later I have picked up my tools again to do my own motorcycle maintenance for financial reasons. I have also come to realize if you want to know it was done right then you have to do it yourself. This way you also know if it was done wrong. Regardless, you know what was done! I recently made another dumb move but before I disclose it and embarrass myself, please tell me your dumbest motorcycle maintenace mistake story?