April 2012 East Coast Biker Online

april 2012 east coast biker online

The April 2012 East Coast Biker Online is now available and the good news is the cover is not bad! See Diana’s coverage of the 2012 MAV St Patty’s Day Poker Run on page 24 and 25 documenting our spring ritual. My monthly product review column is on page 46 with an article about tools you’ll need to start doing your own motorcycle maintenace. Click here.

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  1. checked out your article. please remember there are several grades of loctite. blue loctite to take it apart, red loctite (3 grades or types) when it really needs to stay together, green, and purple. make sure the loctite is REAL loctite from the henkel corp. and not a knock-off. i use only real never-seize by the bostick corp. just something i learned from working with the stuff. note that sometimes parts from the DEALER, yes the dealer, will have loctite pre-applied in various colors such as orange and yellow. this indicates a foreign manufacturer and should not be removed. it still meets H-D spec.s. have a nice day.

  2. Yes good point! Loctite is such a critical element in Harley maintenance that the Fix My Hog people sell it along with their instructional DVD’s. They sell it in stick form as opposed to the usual liquid in a tube that you find at most stores.

  3. CAREFUL!!! if the wrong grade is used, it will make your life a living hell trying to get it off. 271 is red and requires heat to 450*F to break it loose. 268 is a red stick and covers for the lower grade of red (number escapes me now) blue is for things to come apart regularly like air cleaner bolts, fairings, etc. haven’t gotten into any others like green but the list is available from henkel’s website. also you may find the correct loctite is not available from the store only graingers or mcmaster/carr. i was told harleys were an incorrect use of their product. ok, like i shouldn’t use lemon pledge to clean my bike. now the commercials shows it is an approved use. just use what the manual says and you’ll be ok.

  4. I can’t watch that commercial without thinking of you! Lemon Pledge on your motorcycle! I thought you were being a loose nut, but since they show it on TV now then I guess you were a step ahead of the trend.

  5. who do you think sent them an e-mail for the endorsement? i’m not using anything but a modified car wax. don’t let “D” kno or your butt will be polishing furniture when you should be riding. best to spray on bugs and cover with a towel to soak. remember-NO WATER SPOTS.

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