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This week on Moto Map Monday: New England

“Where to ride?” is the question and “Moto-Maps®” is the answer! Moto-Maps are travel size 3.5″ x 6″ laminated flip charts of scenic back-roads for motorcyclists. Each booklet includes six to seven maps with turn by turn directions for 6 or 7 loops. Each ride is a full day trip ranging from 3 to 8 hours to complete. The maps cost less than $10.00 a piece and are available at

This week we are featuring the New England Sampler edition of Moto-Maps Back-Road Touring Guides. This edition features seven scenic motorcycle rides that explore the back roads of New England. These ride loops are a sampling of what is available to you as a motorcyclist riding in seven of the New England states. If you are visiting the northeast, get this edition of Moto-Maps to help llan your trip.

Moto-Maps compact size make them a great stocking stuffer for the motorcyclist in your life. They are also a great tool for Road Captains.

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