Plugs and Batteries Oh My!

We recently put new spark plugs in our motorcycles. Mostly because the ones in there looked nasty and all rusty. Of course I put the recommended Harley-Davidson® plugs in. I also put a new Harley-Davidson battery in my 2007 Low Rider because it isn’t a good starter. But it still seems to have an issue starting even with the new Harley-Davidson battery. Maybe it’s like it’s owner. Doesn’t like to wake up, starts a little groggy and then grumpy until after a few cups of coffee. How often do you change your spark plugs and what brand do you use? How often do you change your battery and what brand do you use?

3 Responses to “Plugs and Batteries Oh My!”

  1. i was told to use autolite spark plugs but on the advice of many, it seems the harley plugs work better than most other brands. why change for the sake of change. if it ain’t broke, don’t try fixin’ it. again, jmho.

  2. Any input on batteries?

  3. harley only. it lasts longer and does what its desined for. has more plates than aftermarket. just better. what good is a battery that needs to be replaced every 3 years or so when with proper maint. a dealer battery will give 5 yrs. trouble free service.

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