The Best Oil and Air Filters

We already discussed oil, so the next logical discussion is oil filters. Might as well talk air filters too. Again I’m in lemming mode buying the stock Harley-Davidson® oil and air filters. I’m thinking the K&N oil filters reccomended on the Fix My Hog DVD look easy to remove with their built in 17mm nut. What oil and air filters do you use on your motorcycle and why?

4 Responses to “The Best Oil and Air Filters”

  1. harley stuff, of course.

  2. What’s the detail behind the 5 micron spec you previsously mentioned?

  3. harley secs. any oil filter needs to have a filtration level of not more than 5 micron units. larger particles will damage the engine. remember, these lower bearings use a splash system similar to lawn mowers. only the upper end is pressure lubricated, like the cams and pushrods, and rockers. essentially, it is a piece, albeit well modified, of a 19th century radial aircraft engine. use what the factory says. it is just a better brand of toilet paper inside. like 2 ply charmin. 😉

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