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So far I have gone from using Harley-Davidson® oil in my motorcycle to Amsoil and back to Harley-Davidson. I’m currently using the Harley-Davidson oil because it is a no brainer. I could go back to Amsoil motorcycle oil which I perceive to be a higher quality product. I thought sticking with Harley makes it easy to pick up at any Harley-Davidson dealer out on the road. That is a bit of poop because many dealerships are closed on Sundays and close early at night. Glimmerman made a comment yesterday that he uses Mobil   V-Twin motorcycle oil and it is readily available at Walmarts,    K-marts and commonly found auto parts stores making it more available than Harley-Davidson oil. This might be a good way to go. Hmm. Can you hear the cogs turn’n in my head?

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Please tell me what oil works best for you and why.

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  1. i quit using the harley stuff because it is not a full synthetic but a blend. full synthetic does not break down as easily as dino oil and does not exhaust it’s viscosity improvers (the stuff that makes a 20W lubricant behave like a 50W lubricant) and the detergents as readily as dino does. it will take a much higher temperature before breaking down as well. i also use a designated primary fluid (redline) and a synthetic gear lubricant (NOT an engine oil or lubricant) for the trans. gears have a shearing motion and need a heavier weight high performance lubricant. while amsoil in probably the best, i can get a good choice in redline, royal purple or spectro. having redline in my case is probably the only thing keeping my ’10 clunker running right now. it has no 5th gear sometimes, most times, but it still runs. available everywhere premium products are sold. just remember, harley oils are made by the LOWEST bid on the contract. i’ll step down now, jmho.

  2. Glad to hear from you again and it’s not even Saturday morning! I was hoping this post would attract more feedback but I don’t think it was in first place long enough before I put up a new post. I have several other posts asking for similar feedback so stay tuned.

  3. ok. i use mobil 1 v-twin.

  4. Did you say you use that in all three compartments or you use three different oils?

  5. The oil question will rage on forever, but I switched to Amsoil about 18 months ago and it works great.

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