The Best Motorcycle Oil

So far I have gone from using Harley-Davidson® oil in my motorcycle to Amsoil and back to Harley-Davidson. I’m currently using the Harley-Davidson oil because it is a no brainer. I could go back to Amsoil motorcycle oil which I perceive to be a higher quality product. I thought sticking with Harley makes it easy to pick up at any Harley-Davidson dealer out on the road. That is a bit of poop because many dealerships are closed on Sundays and close early at night. Glimmerman made a comment yesterday that he uses Mobil   V-Twin motorcycle oil and it is readily available at Walmarts,    K-marts and commonly found auto parts stores making it more available than Harley-Davidson oil. This might be a good way to go. Hmm. Can you hear the cogs turn’n in my head?

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Please tell me what oil works best for you and why.