The Art of Motorcycle Maintenance

spring maintenance items

This is what $345 looks like! It’s spring and we are going to start the riding season by doing a little maintenance on our two Harley-Davidson Dyna motorcycles. My 2007 Dyna Low Rider is in need of a new battery. That was a little pricey at $129. There are some tools here at $48. Got a new air filter for Diana’s Super Glide. Picked up new spark plugs and oil filters. Got a flat style derby cover gasket for my new derby cover Diana got me for Christmas. Got six new o-rings for the oil drain plugs. Got 9 quarts of SYN3. Purchased some anti seize lubricant at the local Advanced Auto Parts store. Also picked up an oil pan. Found my spark plug gap tool. I think we are ready to practice the art of motorcycle maintenance.

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  1. hopefully you bought a harley battery. for some unknown reason the parts from the dealer (car, truck, bike) although costing more are worth the extra price. i bought ford batteries for my diesel and paid $185 each. it takes two. got a 5 year unlimited warranty for them. just like harley oil filters. they are 5 micron and the only thing to use. i do draw the line at using factory lubricants as there are many choices far superior than the harley offering. now let’s get awrenchin’.

  2. Yes, put the pricey HD battery in the bike but got a battery at Auto Zone for the Dodge. I might switch to K&N oil filters the next time round as they look easier to remove. I like the idea of using the HD oil because if I was on the road and needed to add some oil I can pop into any HD dealership in the country and get some SYN3. If it wasn’t for that I would go with Amsoil. Bike has new tires, brake pads, battery, plugs and oil. It’s ready to rock & roll. Now I gotta go wrench on my project truck.

  3. i use mobil 1 v-twin, a full synthetic available at pep boys, kmart,walmart,all auto parts stores so i don’t have to depend on a dealer. i also use redline for primary and trans, again full synthetic and available everywhere. if your oil filter does not go down to 5 microns like the harley filter, you’re asking for trouble. jmho.

  4. Good think’n. Thanks for the info.

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