Maintenance: Not Just For Bikes

I learned a lot about maintenance in the past few months. After hanging up my spurs all winter I found that not only was my bike in need of maintenance but my body had become weak. I have become another white collar coach potato. Sitting at a computer all day has wrecked my eyes and my core body strength. I can cope with wearing glasses but I will not succumb to a walker quite yet. Coming home and sitting in front of the flat screen watching NCIS and Special Victims did not help matters… nor does driving, riding or blogging… all sitting activities. Not good for the mid section! Those muscles have gone for a ride deep south and my occasional arm curl and bench press workouts have not helped keep a strong mid section.

After a bout with sciatica I started seeing a chiropractor… after seeing stars a few times. After a few visits, adjustments and PT sessions I started getting better. I have been doing the PT exercises at home and trying to walk around my neighborhood as often as possible (I wish I could do it everyday but weather and work emergencies don’t always allow for it). I’m getting stronger. A strong mid section is important and will aid in riding my motorcycle.

I used to consider walking and simple PT exercises wimpy activities compared running and pumping iron. But now that I am in my mid forties I see great importance in keeping these muscles maintained and ready. I’ll do the simple exercises because I can see what happens if I don’t when I visit my Mom at the rehab center. I’m not looking to get ripped anymore, I just want to age gracefully. I don’t want to suffer from back pain or lose the body strength needed for basic day to day activities; like going to the bathroom! I’m going to keep working my midsection. I’m going to incorporate some fun equipment I would not have deemed real workout equipment a few months ago. Like medicine balls and those big bouncy beach ball things. I’m even looking at the Kettleworx workout as a potential exercise routine.

When I get a little stronger I’ll have to face the fact that I’m going to have to work on my cardio conditioning which has also gone on vacation. Gotta fight off middle age coach potato syndrome and keep my machine well maintained for the long haul.

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6 Responses to “Maintenance: Not Just For Bikes”

  1. Good for you.
    I’m quite a bit older than you but suffered much the same bodily impairments (toss in a bad back as well) caused by too much time sitting on an airplane, or in front of a computer screen or a TV. So a few years ago I started an exercise regimen as well and it’s amazing how much better you feel and how quickly things improve. It can be hard to keep up at times but it’s well worth the effort in quality of life.

  2. So, I trotted up the stairs (outside – foot path) today and lord, did I notice it. I may only be pushing thirty, but I feel your pain, a winter at the computer is a hell of a thing. When I was teaching, I ran after kids (and walked on my knees) all winter, now? Not so much. I finally understand why people buy tredmills. I still think they’re stupid, but I think I could use one.

    Behind Bars

  3. Thanks for feeling my pain guys. There is comfort in knowing I am not alone on the highway back and forth between out of shape and completely out of shape.

  4. Bwaaaaahahahaha! Old fart, old fart. Canajun is absolutely correct here. Good article. It only makes sense to be in the best possible shape at any age…which puts you at least a decade and a half back from the other geezers your age.

    I need to step on it again myself. I’m losing some of “it”. I’ll challenge you on this one. We can have a “Ab Off”. (No worries RC, you will win…but it’s a challenge so we will both benefit from it.) What…90 days? Let’s do this.

  5. Ok it’s on! East vs West! The big “Ab Off”! What is an “Ab Off” and how does it work?

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