Just Shak’n The Dust Off

Craftsman motorcycle and ATV jack

For those of you who don’t know, I purposely took a break from riding this winter. I put our motorcycles up on jacks for winter storage in November. I stepped down as the Director of our HOG Chapter at the end of the year (after 3 years service in that position and 2 more years before that in other positions). I made this whole Harley thing into a 2nd job. In many ways I took the fun out of it. So rather than ride through the cold weather once a month due to peer pressure I put away my horse from November through February with the hopes of a refreshed sense of enthusiasm for riding in the spring. Last weekend we sprang the clocks ahead and I took the motorcycles down off their jacks. I pulled mine outside and kicked it over (not in the literal sense). I let her warm up while I checked the tire pressure. The front was only 2 lbs low but the back was way low. I hope I don’t have a problem there, but I probably do. I filled the tires with my air compressor (awesome tool to have, not sure how I lived without it for so long). Then I took her for a spin around the neighborhood for a short bit. It felt good to get out on two. I noted some maintenance that needs to be done and put her away for another day. By the time you read this I will have probably taken her to work a few times and will be getting ready for the first ritual of spring here in New Castle, Delaware: the MAV St Patty’s Day Poker Run.

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  1. watch the tire pressure. as it warms up outside, you may have to reduce cold pressure to stay within recommended parameters. i consistently run 2 lbs. greater than harley recommends for better handling and mileage. i do not exceed the max. inflation pressure on the tire. the tire manufacturer knows the product’s limits better than the moco. also, harley logo tires have a different (heavier) load rating than the same dunlop tire in the corner cycle store. jmho.

  2. Thank goodness it’s spring and we can all roll again! I’ve always though a winter hiatus from riding is a good thing – not bad. Sometimes when you get too deep into something, it starts losing its meaning. Glad to see you’re getting your ‘motorcycle mojo’ back!

  3. All good points Glimmerman. I think I’ll have to write a post about tire pressure. Turns out my front stem is not 100% seated properly and I have an industrial staple in the back tire which is now two separate protrusions.

    Had an interesting conversation today with a Snap On Tool guy about torque wrenches. Told me not to bother getting the little inch pound wrench.

    Thanks for you comment Iron Rose. I like your blog. I tried to leave a comment but had a little Word Press issue. Keep practicing in those parking lots. I do it all the time. Check out my Riode Like A Pro books and DVD’s at my online store. I think you’ll find them helpful.

  4. oh? snap-on tool guy is NOT harley certified. if it has a torque spec. from harley, you better use it. personal experience and a lot of money on replacement parts from over torqueing is the best education. take it from me. get one, use it!!!!! big hands w/ no feeling make it a necessity. no.2- get a new tire. (period) your life is not worth risking on a plug or patch. you do not need to visit my daughter in neuro-trama. get a new tire, please.

  5. The blog post about tire pressure to come soon. Followed by a few posts about my new tools. Thanks for the advice and the inspiration for some more articles.

  6. Trust me Kev, Jay will not be plugging or patching anything! I will not let him…I’m not ready to be a widow!

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