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service manual

The most important tool in your garage might not be in your garage. The official factory authorized year and model specific service manual will prove invaluable if you plan on doing your own maintenace. In my case this is Harley-Davidson part number 99481-07 for 2007 Dyna Models. The parts catalog and electronic diagnostic manual are sold separately. This manual is far easier to read than I anticipated. It is actually very easy reading. At this time I have completed the first chapter which outlines the routine maintenance and have been reading the second chapter on the chasis bit by bit. Last night I read how to disassemble the front wheel. When I say bit by bit, I mean five to ten minutes of reading at most. The service manual includes all important specifications and torque values. Torque values? Yes, that’s the proper amount of force to tighten a bolt or screw using a special tool called a torque wrench. There was at least one maintenance procedure in the manual that did not have a helpful diagram and I had no idea what they were describing. It was the procedure to check the front end for proper tightness/looseness at the steering head. After I saw the procedure performed on the Fix My HOG DVD (see previous post) I completely understand it. This manual combined with the Fix My HOG DVD can have even a tooltarded individual such as myself changing their own fluids, brake pads and making adjustments where needed. Get the proper service manual for your motorcycle no matter what!

Fix My Hog DVD

Fix My Hog DVD

Fix My Hog DVD’s bring clear detailed straight forward instructions on basic Harley-Davidson maintenance right into your living room. Fix My Hog© Inc. was founded by Dennis Santopietro after he was frustrated with the high cost of motorcycle upkeep as well as the lack of how to video’s on the market. Dennis’s lifelong friend Bob LaRosa is a graduate of MMI, a professional motorcycle technician and owner of a motorcycle shop in Connecticut. Dennis contacted Bob and together they produced these award winning training DVD’s. The DVD’s show you in detail how to perform basic maintenance on your Harley-Davidson motorcycle. The DVD’s come in Sportster, Touring and Softail/Dyna editions. There are also Bolt On Performance edition DVD’s available for Touring and Softail/Dyna.  The DVD’s are professionally produced and easy to follow. Unlike books, these DVD’s let you watch as master mechanics show you step by step what to do. You can fast forward, rewind and watch again and again at your leisure. These DVD’s have given me the confidence to do my own maintenace this spring! I’m so impressed with these easy to follow DVD’s I contacted Dennis and worked it out so that I can offer them at my online store:

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The Essential Guide To Motorcycle Maintenance

the essential guide to motorcycle maintenance

Sorry to take so long to get around to writng another blog post but I am trying to keep on track with a theme here that follows my winter reading and it took me a while to finish this next book which I just finished last night. Like my previous book review this was again like bad medicine. Not so appetizing but if you want to get better you have to take the medicine. I want to get better at motorcycle maintenance so I read Mark Zimmerman’s book: The Essential Guide To Motorcycle Maintenance – Tips & Techniques To Keep Your Motorcycle In Top Condition. Click here for more info on the book. Mark does a great job of presenting a 250 page book that explains how a motorcycle works in addtion to the DIY sections that explain how to perform the maintenance. I feel like the DIY sections accounted for 1/3rd of the book tops.

There were pages and pages of the science behind the internal combustion engine and the theory of electricity and all kinds of stuff the author thought the newby mechanic should know in order to understand how to maintain and troubleshoot a motorcycle. The author does a great job of explaining all this however I feel mislead. I feel a little cheated! If I buy a book called Motorcycle Maintenance I want a book that is 100% about performing the maintenance, not 1/3rd! Honestly, I’m not even looking for a book on how to troubleshoot or repair a malfunctioning motorcycle. I’ll leave that to the professionals for now. I was just looking for the routine maintenance! I think this book needs a new title like: The Essential Guide To Understanding Motorcycles and Motorcycle Maintenance. Notice the “motorcycle maintenance” gets second billing. It’s a good book and I’m being harsh, but that is the impression left on me after my reading. For my money, I would like 167 more DIY pages please!

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