Sportsman Eyewear – Perfect for the Biker Who Has Everything

sportsman 720 black av glasses with built in video camera

Have you ever purchased a new product that you thought was awesome?! Something new that you wanted to get in on the ground floor and help market. Well my friend Bob Van Ess goes to Sturgis every year and came across such a product which is being promoted mostly to hunters and other gun enthusiasts. He purchased the Sportsman Eyewear AV glasses at Sturgis and is now distributing them for the American company out of Waynesboro, VA focusing on the motorcycling market.

The Sportsman Eyewear are sunglasses with high quality built in video camera and audio capability for taking pictures and video sans hands! That’s right! No more carrying cameras or video cameras; perfect for motorcyclists! The glasses take a smoother picture than the mounted types because they do not suffer from the vibration of the road and motorcycle. How often have you wished you could be taking a picture or video of exactly what you are looking at while riding?! This is the answer to your wish. Perfect if you don’t wear a helmet and fit comfortably with shorty and half helmets. Might not work as well with a full face or three quarter.

“My name is Bob Van Ess. I am an avid motorcycle rider, riding motorcycles since I was 15. Started with dirt bikes, as I got older started purchasing & riding street bikes, now at the young age of 54 have been on a lot of adventurous rides. The past 3 years I have been attending and enjoying the Sturgis motorcycle rally experience. While there this year, wanting to record my trips while riding to all the fabulous places in South Dakota (Spearfish Canyon; Deadwood; Mt Rushmore; Custer park; Needles National park; The Badlands; Black hills; Wall) just to name a few. I was introduced to a distributor who markets a “hands free” recording Video/Audio sunglasses. A very user friendly pair of sun glasses that records video as well as still shots with the press of a button on side of a pair of sunglasses. I talked to several guys & gals who had purchased them the previous year and everyone I spoke to loved them and was very satisfied with them. I purchased them and have to agree they are All That! Love them and they are very easy to use.”

Sportsman Eyewear continues to be the technology leader with their second generation dual technology video recording sunglasses featuring 720 x 480 Audio/Video Recording plus a 1280 X 1024 Digital Camera. Their processors are custom built to exacting design specifications utilizing the finest US made TDK components and producing the finest audio/video quality with bright bold colors and crisp resolution. The Sportsman A/V glasses use the industries best Kingston Micro SD Card as recording media. Also included at no additional cost are the 115V Wall Charger Adapter, 12V Vehicle Adapter and a Micro SD Card/USB Thumb Drive Adapter. The lenses are ANSI safety rated while providing UV protection. When you purchase Sportsman Eyewear your warranty is immediately in effect and there are four full service repair facilities in the US.

Video/Audio recording eyewear, great for recording motorcycle rides, hunting trips, archers, anglers, traffic police & travelers. Power duration of 3 to 4 hours. Purchase of Video recorder sunglasses & digital camera will includes three separate interchangeable lenses- dark sunglass lenses, Yellow lenses & Clear lenses. Will also include: AC adapter, card reader, USB cable, car charger, cleaning cloth, carrying case, lanyards, user instructions. The glasses plug directly to your computer (PC or Mac) via USB cable and do not require any special drivers or software. Video recording download and playback are easy.

WARRANTY – 90 days free parts and labor against factory defects and workmanship.  Warranty doesn’t cover damage/breakage to the frame.  Warranty doesn’t cover damage/breakage to the frame due to dropping or mishandling. The warranty doesn’t cover electronic damage due to water, over/improper charging, including the Micro SD Card.  Extended Warranty must be purchased at the time of sale.  Shipping cost for repairs will be borne by both parties.

EXTENDED WARRANTY – A one, two or three year Extended Warranty is available at the time of purchase for $29.00 per year.  Extended Warranty must be purchased at the time of sale.  Shipping cost for repairs will be borne by both parties.

Contact Bob at 610-533-2060 for more information.