Cracked Skulls Are No Fun!

cat with helmet

Head injuries are no fun, but this picture is! The folks at Motorcycle Helmets Direct have a message for you: “Keep that skull from cracking!” Motorcycle helmets help keep your brain in its place as our feline friend here is demonstrating.  If you ever get thrown from your motorcycle you can seriously injure your head and a DOT or SNELL approved helmet will be your best insurance policy against skull damage.  If you have an accident without a helmet you stand a good chance of suffering from skull damage, brain damage, or even death damage (the worst kind).  Although motorcycle helmets are not required by law in all states and world regions, I recommend you consider wearing one for your own good. Motorcyclists who are aware of the personal risks should consider wearing one to prevent avoidable injuries of a very serious nature…  such as skull damage, brain damage or death damage (the worst kind). You may think these helmets look silly, especially the one pictured above, but it will be difficult for you to ever ride a motorcycle again with half your brain missing… although there are quite a few people who succeed. You don’t want to be one of them!

The current selection of helmet offerings is vast, so nerdy looking bike helmets aren’t the only options on the market.  Many helmets are designed to be sleek, streamlined, and color conscious, so that you don’t stand out like a sore thumb driving down the highway. Unless, of course, you want to stand out like a sore thumb.  In that case there are quite a few hi-viz helmets available to choose from.  No matter what, I’m sure you can find a helmet that fits your style (and your head). Modern motorcycle helmets come in a wide variety of colors including everything from simple black motorcycle helmets  to stylish designer helmets that have funkadelic artwork, unique patterns, and bright colors. Your options certainly aren’t limited. You’ll probably have a hard time picking one due to all the different cool helmets out there.

When selecting a  bike helmet you’ll want to keep a few things in mind.  First, find one that fits your head properly.  The helmet should fit securely so that there’s little chance it flies off your head when you need it most. However, that doesn’t mean the helmet should be tight.  The right one will fit comfortably and securely on your head.  You’ll want to invest in a high quality helmet that will hold your skull together if it should happen to hit the road.  A cheap helmet isn’t a helmet you want protecting your skull/brain.  For that reason, always shop for one at a reputable motorcycle helmet dealer. Look for one that is DOT or SNELL approved so there’s little risk of purchasing a helmet that doesn’t meet the highest safety standards you can afford.

Once your new helmet is comfortably strapped on your invaluable skull you’ll be able to hit the road without the worry that your head won’t be protected should it happen to hit the road.

The above article is a guest submission by Brett Kasa, supported by Motorcycle Helmets Direct