Steinwehr Avenue Gettysburg

steinwehr ave bike week at night

Last year Diana and I went to Gettysburg Bike Week by ourselves to cover the event for Fast Lane Biker Delmarva. We enjoyed the event on Saturday and rode through the self guided tours of the historical battlefields on Sunday. This year we went with some members of our HOG Chapter and spent less time at the event grounds. We spent Friday and Saturday evening strolling along Steinwehr Ave. There is so much to do along Stenwehr that Gettysburg has a whole travel brochure and website dedicated to just Steinwehr Ave. Check out

We enjoyed dinner at a friendly diner on Steinwehr called The Avenue Restaurant on both Friday and Saturday evenings. The food was good, prices fair with great service and a smile. They made us feel welcome and I ate so much I thought I was going to explode!

The Avenue restaurant

cominginto town on steinwehr

bikes parked on steinwehr

Steinwehr is a convenient straight shot in from our motel; the Eisenhower on Business Route 15 Emmitsburg Road. Emmitsburg Rd goes through some of the battlefield before arriving in town where it becomes Steinwehr Ave. Here are some pics Diana took while riding on the back of my bike into town to meet up with our friends for dinner.

fences along battlefield

more battle fences along gettysburg

monuments and stuff

monument inthe battlefield along 15 bus rt

copper cannon

sun setting along business rt 15 into gettysburg

I enjoyed the Eisenhower. The rooms were large, the plumbing was awesome and the indoor pool had a retractable roof like the Astrodome! The powerful hot shower was the best of any I have ever enjoyed. I didn’t want to come out of the shower. Their toilets had Sloan flushing devices in them that could suck a golf ball through a garden hose! I kept playing with the flusher which sounded like a jet rocket taking off! WHOOOSH!!! I didn’t want to leave the bathroom. My wife is going to kill me for telling the world about my obsession with the plumbing. Click here to check out the Sloan FlushMate.