You think you’re a good mechanic?

So you think you’re a good mechanic? Can you fix your motorcycle if it is 30 feet up in the air on a tightwire? Check out the chicks from Circus Una! We got a look see at this motorcycle thrill show while at the 10th Anniversary Gettysburg Bike Week.

“Bike doesn’t start so I’ll check the gas tank and see if it has any go go juice.”

checking the gas the old fashioned way

Open cap, look inside, yes it has gas. Better call the mechanic to bring her bag of tools and tricks up here.

coming to fix the Suzuki

Red removes the seat while blondie gets to work. We’ll hang the bag o tools on the footpeg and use our mouth if needed to hold tools as we hang on for dear life while fixing the old Suzuki.

your local high wire motorcycle mechanic is here

You don’t see this everyday, unless maybe you’re this guy.

you don’t see this everyday

“I see the problem! Now if I can just tighten this thingy down before my clog falls off my foot and hits that Road Captain USA guy in the head!”

I think I see the problem here

She sure is the most stylish motorcycle mechanic I have ever seen!

I can bring home the bacon too!

“OK Blondie you fixed it! Now get down on the trapeze while I fire this baby up!”

ok now get off my bike bitch

Bike is fixed, now it’s showtome!

here we go blondie

you ready to ride?

we move’n and groov’n now honey

Look at me, I’m a superstar!

Question: What do you call an upside down blonde motorcycle stunt women?

upside down blonde

Answer: Circus Una!!!!

Circus Uno!

“OK Red so you think you’re hot stuff up there! Let’s go for a spin! I wanna be on top!”

Flip’n Una 1

Flip’n Una 2

Flip’n Una 3

Flip’n Una 4