My Hero: The Travelin’ Gringo

Glen Abbott is my new hero! After reading an article in HOG magazine I noticed the author, Glen Abbott, had a byline that referenced a blog:

It would appear from his blog that Glen travels around on his Harley-Davidson and writes for such magazines as: HOG, American Iron, American Rider, Rider and Road Bike. I’m not sure if this is how he makes a living full time but I plan to find out. How cool would it be to do what Glen does… but then again to some extent I guess we already do; on a smaller scale of course.

I added TravelinGringo to my blogroll. You can also follow The Travelin’ Gringo on Facebook.

3 Responses to “My Hero: The Travelin’ Gringo”

  1. I totally agree that it would be a great life!

  2. Hi Jay, thanks for the post! I look forward to talking to you!


  3. And I you. I’ll be in touch shortly.

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