Where’s Wooley?

Where’s Wooley? Flat Wooley that is. He is currently in California. Seems that after visiting Lady R in Alabama he headed west to visit BB, VD and WillyD. You can check out his travel blog at http://flatwooleytravels.blogspot.com/.

Check out his blog asap! This dude can write! He comes write off the page at you. Not like some of them one dimensional fake bikers. This dudes the real thing!

3 Responses to “Where’s Wooley?”

  1. HA! What a great idea for a blog! Wish I had thought of something like that!

  2. Me too.

  3. It was all Flat’s idea. He told me he wanted to travel the states before he was to old and was tired of waiting for me to come along. Besides, he had all those women calling him to visit.

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