New Additions to Blogroll

Thank you for visiting Road Captain USA. Don’t forget there are other quality motorcycle blogs out there. Check out my blogroll for some of the best. Here are three new editions to my blogroll:

Rick On The Road

USA Tour on a Harley

Ms M’s Place

7 Responses to “New Additions to Blogroll”

  1. Thanks for the plug Jay! Now I’d better get to writing more content ASAP!!


  2. Rick, all I expect in return for the plug is that you round up all the members of the Atlanta HOG Chapter and bring them to the 2012 Maryland/Delaware State HOG Rally one year from this weekend.

  3. I’ll get to work on it!

  4. Great!

  5. don’t forget, “Electra-Glide In Blue”. Jeff’s son took it over after Jeff passed away.

    Ok…going to check out Rick On The Road. Thanks!

  6. Electra-Glide In Blue? What about Flat Wooley Travels?! Why didn’t you tell me about this new kick ass blog?!! I’m pissed you didn’t mention it here!!! Keep’n the good stuff to yourself. I see how you west coast folks are. Give me the Vanilla while you’re lick’n down the cookies and cream! I see how it is!

  7. Okay, so I finally added a new post to my blog! Hey FLHX_Dave, just in case you went there and didn’t find much there’s at least a new article there. It helps having a little pressure to get off my butt! LOL!

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