Return From Waldorf, Maryland

After bonding with our instructors and classmates at Ride Like A Pro of Maryland for four hours the morning of May 1st, 2011 it was finally time to say good bye. It had been a long morning of teaching, learning and practicing motorcycle riding techniques. We had a 3.5 hour ride ahead of us and it was looking like we would get wet before the day was done. We said our heart felt goodbyes to our new friends (and Mo too) before we hit the road.

The Ride Like A Pro of Maryland classes are taught at the parking lot of Regency Stadium in Waldorf, MD off of Piney Church Road. You have to ride the entire length of Piney Church Road, it is a good one. It reminded me of Skyline Drive as we cruised through the curvy S-turns in lush Maryland greenery. From that we followed a series of great backroads in southern Maryland that put us on Rt 382. Rt 382 is listed as an alternate in the Maryland/Delaware Moto-Map. It was really nice!

So we were cruising these nice backroads of southern Maryland just an hour after practicing proper braking at Ride Like A Pro Maryland… and a huge rottweiler jumped out of the woods and chased the car in front of me. I am scared of big dogs who are known to be unpredictable and can pull humans apart from limb to limb. So what do I do after practicing proper braking? Of course I go into major panic mode and lock up the rear wheel! Of course my cool wife could care less about the dog but was terribly alarmed by my six foot skid.

After we got by killer dog alley without a problem the rain started. We stopped for lunch on Rt 301 in Upper Marlboro which is a good thing to do in the beginning of a rain. It gives the rain time to wash the road oil off the pavement. After lunch we put on our rain gear and pointed our motorcycles toward Annapolis and the Chesapeake Bay Bridge. I experienced more anxiety thinking about the bridge crossing than it was worth. Not really a big deal. Halfway up route 301 we stopped at the rest area between the north and southbound lanes but it was closed. We had to pull into the truck parking lot and so I could use the port-a-john. That’s when Diana told me my headlight was out. I was not happy to hear I was riding in the rain with no headlight. I started to get off my bike to check it out… but I didn’t put the kickstand down. The new Cobra engine guard did a great job of catching the motorcycle. That makes tip over #2 for me!

I used my high beam the rest of the day and we got home without further incident. This particular weekend trip was more than just an overnight trip, it was a little adventure and a great way to welcome in the new riding season.

I thank my wife for sharing these adventures with me. I thank Dave, Christine and everyone at Ride Like A Pro Maryland for having us down to Waldorf and their great instruction. I thank Mo for attending the class with us, it is always great to spend a little time with Mo! I thank the car in front of me for distracting the Rottweiler. I thank my high beam for being available when my low beam didn’t show up for work. I thank Mother Nature for waiting until after the class was done to rain on us. I thank all of you for reading this post and leaving comments below.