Ride Like A Pro of Maryland

our ride like a pro classmates and staff

Diana and I took the Ride Like A Pro class taught by Dave Russell and his staff in Waldorf, Maryland. This class is ideal for someone looking for more training after taking the MSF or Riders Edge Experienced Rider courses. It is also ideal for anyone having trouble with cornering or slow speed maneuvers.  The instructors teach the same three police officer motorcycle training techniques taught in the popular DVD series Ride Like A Pro by Jerry the Motorman Paladino. To get the most out of this class you can purchase the DVD’s and practice these techniques before attending the class. You can purchase them at my store www.Shop.RoadCaptainUSA.com

jay rocking the cones at ride like a pro

Diana kicking the boys butts

When I met Dave at the 2010 Delaware/Maryland State HOG Rally he encouraged/challenged me to install an engine guard on my bike. The idea is that I will not push my bike to the absolute limit without one. So two weeks prior to the class I ordered on on eBay. That one hit a snafu and I had to order a different one from an outfit close by. It arrived in the nick of time and I installed it for the class. I also removed saddlebags upon arrival at the class. Everyone who could, removed their saddlebags and some wrapped their chrome guards with tape or foam to prevent scratching or scuffs. The premise is that you probably will have a tip over during these exercises and it is no big deal. Tipping over is part of learning how to handle these motorcycles at slow speeds. Dave leaned his Ultra Classic over on it’s guards to demonstrate that the motorcycle manufacturers are putting out good motorcycles that are built to withstand tip overs now and then with little to no damage. In the end the only tip over I experienced that day was on the way home when I forgot to put my kick stand down in a parking lot after Diana informed me that my headlight was out. Good thing I had the new Cobra engine guard. It looks great and protects the motorcycle from dumb moves like that. Diana has a Jardine engine guard on her bike.

Diana coming out of the circle

jay is kicking it at RLAP MD

jay and diana both in the course

jay and diana soaking in the knowledge

The class attracted a wide variety of rider skills. There were riders like me and Diana who could handle these exercises on our own but were looking to move to the next level. There were riders who had never practiced these moves but were glad to learn them. Then there were a few newbies who didn’t know what they were getting into. Some of the guys could barely lean their motorcycles over or do a tight u-turn. I have to hand it to everyone for sticking with it. All attendees graduated at the end of the day. No one gave up. I believe everyone came away from the class a better rider regardless of their level and that speaks volumes.

Diana enjoying the class

jay waiting his turn

Dave, Christine and his staff have succeeded at creating an environment where people are comfortable learning new techniques and are bettering themselves. The class is enjoyable and I’m glad we did it. Check the Ride Like A Pro website to see if there is a franchise near you. If you live in Delmarva look no further than Ride Like A Pro of Maryland.

Ride Like A Pro of Maryland: www.ridelikeapromd.com/

Other Ride Like A Pro locations: www.ridelikeapro.com/locations

Click here to see all the pictures Christine took with our camera and then I cropped and loaded to Flickr. 

Here are my recommendations to become a better rider:

1. Take the Beginner MSF Class

2. Watch Ride Like A Pro training DVD’s

3. Practice, ride and practice continually

4. Take the Experienced MSF Class

5. Take the Ride Like A Pro Class

6. Read as many riding safety books that you can

7. Seek out a mentor, training and anything available to help

8. Practice more, read more, ride more

9. Always check in with us at www.RoadCaptainUSA.com and check this link regarding posts about riding techniques: http://roadcaptainusa.com/category/motorcycle-rider-skills/