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Freedom – Credos From The Road by Sonny Barger

freedom by sonny barger

These are Sonny Barger’s essential beliefs gleaned from years of living the club life; sometimes behind bars. “The baddest man on two wheels” brings us 50 nuggets of wisdom. If you have read Sonny’s other books than a few of these creeds will be familiar such as chapter one: Treat Me Good, I’ll Treat You Better. Treat Me bad, I’ll Treat You Worse. As usual Sonny delivers an easy to read no-nonsense straight from the hip book. It’s a small 5.25″ x 7.5″ hardcover from one of the most interesting individuals in American history. These are the philosphies of a man who has given up his freedom on more than one occasion to stand up for his beliefs. How could you not want to know what is on his mind? I enjoyed this book and so will you. It’s an original just like Sonny. Click here for more information on this book.

Full Lock? Do You Have Complete Control of Your Motorcycle?

Can anyone out there ride full lock? I can’t! I hate that I can’t! If you can, do you think it has to do with the model of motorcycle you ride? Is it all mental? Does it just take practice? 

Diana and I will be taking the Ride Like A Pro course offered in Mechanicsville, MD soon. There is also a class available in Mountainside, NJ. I saw this on the FAQ page of the Ride Like A Pro New Jersey website:

If you can take your motorcycle, turn the handlebars full-lock and scrape a perfect circle in the ground with your pegs or floorboards without dropping your bike or putting a foot down, you’re in complete control of your motorcycle.

Thinking of Karen

Karen on her big girl bike

It’s been two years since April 24th 2009 when our friend Karen Fortner was killed. I will never forget that day, my friend or the first responders that helped us.

If you are a reader of our blog you may know that Tami Walker of Diva Customs collected 101 inspirational stories of women riders and published them in Why We Ride. Karen’s story is on page 78. Her words still speak to me:

“While on long rides, I listen to my music, do lots of soul searching, remember those who are no longer with me, and enjoy the beauty of the world like never before.  I have never known honeysuckle, flowers, and the great outdoors to smell so sweet!  There is nothing like fresh air and two wheels under you to make you feel like one with the universe.  Motorcycling has taught me to slow down, stop and smell the flowers and enjoy life.  Many special people have come into my life due to riding.  People in the motorcycling community are some of the nicest, thoughtful and inspiring people there are, and I feel so very blessed to be a part of this special group!”

Fastline Biker Delmarva April 2011

As usual Diana’s monthly column in Fastlane Biker Delmarva is on page 13. This is a new article titled: The Drop. Click here to check it out.

Revzilla April Gear Giveaway

Those guys at in South Philly totally rock! As I announced last month they have a monthly contest where they give away top of the line motorcycle gear to one lucky winner every month. Just go to their website and create a “rider profile” and you will be entered into the contest every month. This month’s prize will be a Olympia AS 2 Jacket and ranger 3 Overpants. This combination package retails for over $560! Two second prize winners will receive $50 RevZilla gift certificates. Click here to enter.