Salute to Women Riders

The princess and the blue ridge

In 1990 only 3% of motorcyclists were women.  Today that statistic is 23%, making women the largest growing demographic in the motorcycle industry for the past 20 years.  Let’s keep it up ladies…at this rate it won’t be long before we reach 50/50 status!

May is Women Riders Month, so get the girls together and get out there and ride as much as you can!  I personally put 2500 miles on my bike last month, and I plan to make that a trend.

Especially don’t forget about International Female Ride Day on Friday, May 7th.  Ride to work, ride to the sub shop, practice figure-8’s in an empty parking lot, or pack your saddlebags and head out for a weekend trip…just get out there and enjoy some 2-wheel therapy from the stresses of your every day life.

Women riders ROCK!  And we’re only gonna get better!  🙂