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Biker Chickz Blog
Blogger: Becky the gourmet biker chick from Seattle, WA
Platform: Powered by Blogger with archives going back to August 2007
About: Mother, mother in law, blogger and cook. Becky does it all. Check out her other blog Biker Chickz Recipes if you want to see how to prepare a dish or two. Then flip back to her Biker Chickz Blog to see how to install an engine guard. She rides an ’07 Kawasaki Vulcan 900 Classic.
Biker News Online
Blogger: professional webmaster Steve Johnson of Clear Digital Media
Platform: Self hosted launched December 2004
About: Steve publishes several biker blogs including Biker News Online, Harley Davidson Gear , Cool Biker T-Shirts and his newest endeaver; Motorcycle Philosophy. Steve’s websites are crisp and well designed; not cluttered. He owns two bikes, a 2004 Yamaha Road Star and a 2005 Harley Electra Glide Ultra Classic.


Biker Swag
Blogger: professional photographer and web site designer Biker Swag
Platform: self hosted with archives going back to November 2005
About: Biker Swag’s self promoting website is a must see high quality site. His blog called the “Rant” page is only a small piece of this website. The photo’s on the “Pic” page are great. Since the site is an advertisement in itself for Swag’s services you will not find any ads cluttering up the site. This in itself is refreshing.


Bikes In The Fast Lane
Blogger: fulltime professional blogger Mike Werner of Normandy, France
Platform: launched in 2001 on Blogger, migrated to Lotus Domino in 2003
About: Bikes In The Fast lane is one of the original motorcycle blogs. Mike is the founding member of MBI and also publishes a website about motorcycles in the movies and a personal blog. Mike and Trish Werner own three or four motorcycles including a Ducati 1100 Multistrada.


Bluepoof Bikes Motorcycle Adventures
Blogger: the amazing Carolyn Bierman of California
Platform: powered by with archives going back to December 2003
About: this young lady puts most bikers to shame. She owns three bikes and takes trips most of us only dream about. On top of that she plays hockey! Although the archives go back to 2003 Carolyn says the archives on her website go back to 2000; that’s way back for blogging! Check out Carolyn’s photo albums to see some real trips.


Cecilie’s Moto Journal
Blogger: tralblazer Cecilie Hoffman
Platform: Self hosted with archives going way back to 2001
About: Cecilie is Superwomen! She is an IT business systems analyst and one of the founding members of Motorcycle Bloggers International. She was one of the first moto bloggers and started blogging at the very beginning of her motorcycle experience. She has kept a complete journal of her adventures starting with her beginner riding course. She honed her riding skills on the track and then turned to adventure riding. She has traveled from west coast to east coast and back on her motorcycle. If you have 8 hours to kill, read Cecilie’s Moto Journal from beginning to end.


Cruisin’ Down Under
Blogger: the biker from down under known as Beaker
Platform: Powered by Blogger with archives back to June 2005
About: Beaker shows you in picture and story what it’s like to ride in Queensland, Australia. He is still blogging even though he has been sent to a far away land on work assignment. He has a new blog about his experience in Kazakhstan. Check out both these blogs to see these exotic countries through the eyes of a true biker.


Crusty The Biker
Blogger: the no holds barred mechanic and shop owner known as Crusty
Platform: Blogger archives back to December, 2005
About: Crusty is a 3rd generation biker who owns a motorcycle shop in New England. He doesn’t mince words. Crusty tells it like it is. For that alone, you have to love this blog! 




Forty Years On Two Wheels
Blogger: the veteran rider Doug Klassen
Platform: Powered by Blogger with archives back to June 2004
About: Doug has been riding motorcycles for longer than I have been alive! He’s had many bikes and many adventures leaving him with a lot of stories, wisdom and oppinions to share. He was one of the early moto bloggers starting back in 2004 and is a member of MBI.


Glider Rider
Blogger: the Harley riding sweetheart of Alabama known as Lady RidesAlot
Platform: Blogger
About: Lady R started blogging a few days before me and has created a warm and friendly blog where you can visit a little bit of Alabama right from your computer. Consider yourself lucky if she starts visiting your blog and leaving her trail of supportive comments.


Helmet Hair
Blogger: motorcycle aficionado Jesper Bram of Copenhagen, Denmark
Platform: Self hosted using WordPress
About: Helmet Hair Motorcycle Blog is my inspiration and serves as my role model for blogging. The URL, Masthead and blog are fantastic! If you Google the words “Motorcycle Blog” this will be the number one result. That my friends is an accomplishment! Jesper started blogging in 2004 by documenting his notes on test rides on various models of motorcycles. He has since been blogging about anything he finds interesting in the world of motorcycling. A must see blog!




KT Did
Blogger: Kathy the lady biker from Cali
Platform: Powered by Blogger with archives back to 2005
About: What is a retired women to do with her time? Buy a motorcycle, ride everwhere she can, and write about it. Kathy has a biker website called The Road House , a special memorial blog dedicated to fallen riders called I Don’t Wear Cloaks…I Am Not Invisable! , and a CafePress online store call KT Did’s Luvmedu Shop.



Motorcycle Misadventures 
Blogger: motorcycle travel writer Carla King
Platforms: Typepad, AuthorFriendly and archives back to 2003
About: read about the “fabulous misadventures” of Carla King and possibly buy an autographed copy of her book American Borders.


Musings of an Intrepid Commuter
Blogger: motorcycle safety instructor Dan Bateman aka Iron Dad
Platform: Blogger with archives going back to January 2006
About: Dan’s vast riding experience, knowledge and knack for writing make his blog a “must visit”. Dan writes long posts full of motorcycle wisdom. This is your chance to sit down and learn from a veteran rider, everyday commuter and motorcycle safety instructor. How often do you have that opportunity?


My Harley Davidson Mystique
Blogger: the biker with a sense of humor known as Joker
Platform: Blogger
About: Joker and I both started blogging about the Harley Davidson experience in January of 2008. We are the new kids on the block and have alot in common. Check out Jokers blog to get a feeling of what being a HOG member is like. Let the good times roll!


Northwest Cycle News
Blogger: self proclaimed Internet junkie John Davis
Platform: self hosted
About: As the name indicates this is a “News” site. John Davis, a professional website developer, has created a website that acts as a central hub of motorcycle information for Washington, Oregon and Idaho. The sight is technically a blog and you can comment on the news articles and postings about local motorcycle events. NWCN features an impressive motorcycle events calendar.


Northwest Harley Blog
Blogger: the Harley Davidson enthusiast known as Mac
Platform: with archives back to July, 2007
About: Mac has created a very thorough blog with an extensive list of relevent motorcycling links. Mac also has a Flckr account with over 3,000 “HOG Photos”. These pics are great! Mac’s focus is on the Pacific Northwest but Harley Davidson fans everywhere will appreciate this blog. 



Pitted Chrome
Blogger: the motorcycle addict known as Markus from Houston, Texas
Platform: Blogger archives back to 2005
About: in August of 2005 a Texan with a half dozen motorcycles buys a house with a two car garage to house his fleet of two wheel wonders. He restores a 1974 Norton Commando and starts a blog to document his restoration project. Visit Markus’s blog for posts on all kinds of motorcycle racing.




Ride Blog


Rides, Roads and Ronman
Blogger: the patriot rider known as Ronman
Platform: Blogger
About: Ronman started blogging slowly in summer 2007 but picked up major steam in February 2008. Ronman is a member of HOG and the Patriot Guard! Many of his posts pay homage to those who served our country. You get a taste of down home Tennessee life when you visit the Ronman’s blog.


Rippin Kitten
Blogger: the young female rocker from Massachusetts, Liz Frazier
Platform: self hosted using WordPress with archives back to April, 2007
About: Rippin-Kitten is on everyone’s blogroll! That’s because this site rocks in so many ways. Liz has created a fantastically designed and fully functional blog using WordPress. RK has home made video’s, great YouTube clips, a Flckr page as well as edgy posts.
Road Grits Cafe
Blogger: the motorcycle pholosopher from California known as HLFX Dave
Platform: Blogger
About: Dave is a gritty Harley rider who thinks deep thoughts while riding and comes home to blog about it. Visit Dave’s blog for down to earth biker wisdom. Like Joker and myself, Dave started blogging in January 2008 and is very enthusiastic about his new blog.


Scooter in the Sticks
Blogger: talented photographer and scooter rider Steve Williams
Platform: Blogger with archives back to 2005
About: Steve travels rural Pennsylvania year round by Vespa armed with a Leica M6 camera. He shoots incredible pictures, mostly of his scooter in the sticks.


The Great Motorcycle Pizza Tour

The Knee Slider

The Rice Boiler

The Ride

The Superbike Blog

Tilted Horizons

Twisting Asphalt


Uncaged Librarian
Blogger: the two wheeled research librarian Shirl Kennedy
Platform: Blogger with archives way back to 2004
About: Shirl has been researching and blogging about women who ride motorcycles and motorcycle safety since 2004. She is also the author of The Savvy Guide To Motorcycles.