HJC IS-33 Three Quarter Helmet – Product Review


Our sponsor, Riders Discount, supplied me with an HJC SY-MAX 2 modular helmet to review last winter. I liked it so much I asked them to send me the IS-33 which is a three quarter helmet with similar features. By similar features, I mostly mean the integrated sunshield. Both helmets also feature removable washable SilverCool™ cheek and crown liners. Both come in a great selection of colors, I got silver.

One of my reasons for interest in these helmets is the snug fit. I shave my head and my Harley-Davidson Jet II size medium fits a little loose. If I wear it with my windshield I get blurred vision and headaches from helmet wobble. The HJC helmets fit so snug the cheek pads squish my face a little and make me look like a fish. This size medium is just a tad too snug but as I wear it more the cushioning seems to fit my head better each time. My windshield still creates helmet wobble so I prefer to ride without the windshield. Problem with riding without the windshield is air and crosswinds blow up into the face shield. I notice it more with the IS-33 than the Jet. The one air vent in my Jet does not work at all. The two air vents in the IS-33 work better.

integrated sun shield on the IS-33
I love having the integrated sunshield. It doesn’t rattle like it does in my SY-MAX. I don’t like to wear sunglasses but if I’m riding into the sun I can easily deploy the sun screen. Once the sun glare is no longer a problem I tap on the spring loaded button and it retracts back into the helmet.
Another feature the IS-33 has that the jet does not is speaker pockets. It’s easy to put a set of speakers behind the pockets which are part of the cheek pads. Actually it is extremely easy to install any type of headset because the crown and cheek pads are removable. They snap in and out.

removeable pads in the IS-33

Bottom line with a helmet is it has to fit comfortably before anything else matters so I recommend you try them on before buying. Assuming this helmet fit you, it is an excellent helmet. The modern high tech design makes me feel a little like a science fiction character… can you say Mighty Morphin Power Ranger?

Pack Mule and Photographer

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Harley-Davidson Mens Heated Gloves 98323-09VM

 HD heated Gloves

When the temperatures started to drop, I started to wear my Harley-Davidson Heated Gloves. I purchased them last winter with my Friends and Family points at Mike’s Famous Harley-Davidson in New Castle, Delaware. Due to the popularity of these gloves they were on back order until spring. I was glad to have them ready for this winter. They are part number 98323-09VM and retail for $185. As we know, Harley-Davidson makes motorcycles but not everthing that they sell. I believe that the gloves are made by Gerbing’s Heated Clothing. Gordan Gerbing invented heated motorcycle gear in the 1970’s. In 1999 Harley-Davidson named Gerbing’s to be the sole supplier of Harley-Davidson branded heated gear. Although Gerbing’s is an American company in Washington state the gloves are made in China.

The gloves come with a fused battery harness, power switch and three prong harness so that you can run the wires through the sleeves of your jacket. If you have a heated jacket liner the gloves will plug into the sleeves at the cuff. The gloves are made of genuine water resistant leather with a stretchable fabric panel on the backside of the gauntlet. These gloves have an inner liner made of Aquatex™ which is a lightweight waterproof windproof material. I have not tested these gloves in the rain, so I can’t rate their performance in wet weather. However they do keep the wind out. They are insulated with DuPont Thermolite® Active Insulation and are fairly warm without being plugged in for rides in the mid forites or higher (perfect for late fall early winter).

For rides in temperatures in the low forties and thirties you’ll want to plug them in. The Heated Gloves feature Microwire™ heating technology, a patented process of using micro-sized stainless steel fibers that are intertwined and encased in a Teflon® coating. The Microwire™ is woven into a heating matrix within the glove and provides consistent heat coverage to the entire length of each finger, including the thumb as well as the back of the hand.

heated garment adapter

I did not use the supplied battery harness. Instead I used a coaxial adapter to plug the gloves into my battery tender connection. You can buy this connector at your Harley-Davidson dealer or from www.Shop.RoadCaptainUSA.com

The gloves come with an on/off switch but do not come with a regulating device to control the temperature. So it will be full blast or nothing unless you purchase the Harley-Davidson Heated Thermostat which is sold separately as part number 98540-04V and retails for $60. I bought one at Mike’s Famous in Smyrna, DE during a special sale where I got 40% off. The thermostat features a small knob that allows you to dial the amount of heat you want like a volume control on a radio.  In comparison, Tour Master® Synergy™ heated gloves are less expensive and come with a temperature regulator that is limited to three settings:  low, medium and high. You can purchase the Tour Master Gloves in leather at Riders Discount for $153 (textile $135). I like that the Harley-Davidson system is fully adjustable.

The gloves can be used alone or in conjunction with a heated jacket liner (not to be confused with a heated vest). When using the gloves by themselves I find that feeding the wires through my jacket sleeves is a nuisance (being able to ride in January makes it only a minor nuisance). Next month I will review how the gloves perform in conjunction with a Tour Master® Synergy™ heated jacket liner thus eliminating the need to feed the wires through my jacket sleeves. 

The HD Heated gloves are comfortable to wear. When used with the fully adjustable thermostat they keep my hands comfortably warm on cold rides. I have not tested them in temps below thirty yet. If I do happen to ride in temperatures below thirty, you can bet it is the heated gloves that make it possible.

Tips, Tricks and Techniques for: Surviving The Mean Streets – DVD

Ride Like A Pro Surviving The Mean Streets

It should be no secret that I endorse and sell the Ride Like A Pro motorcycle training DVD’s at my online store but up until today I had never watched Surviving The Mean Streets. I don’t usually sell something that I have not previewed. As I have said many times on this blog, training is essentail! As riders we spend too much money on accessories and too little on training. Although some of you may watch the DVD and say “I knew that” after every scene, watching the video moves these common sense pratices from the back of your brain to the front. Watching DVD’s like this get you in the right mind set even if you already knew the material. To be a good rider you need to be humble and seek to learn. I like this video and want you to watch it along with the other Jerry “Motorman” Palladino training DVD’s (Ride Like A Pro and Ride Like A Pro on the Dragon).

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Here is a quote from the book Motorcycle ROADCRAFT:

A fully professional approach to riding requires you to take an objective look at the facts, to be prepared, where there is evidence, to discard inappropriate attitudes and to develop a critical awareness of your own attitudes and capabilities.

The key steps to achieving this critical self-awareness are:

  • acknowledging that attitudes affect riding performance
  • being aware of your own attitudes and recognising that they affect your risk of having an accident
  • recognising that your are vulnerable, especially on a motorcycle
  • making safety your primary concern in all your riding decisions
  • considering your own experience of near misses or accidents and what you can learn from them
  • carrying through changes in attitude to your riding performance by applying them in every riding situation.

Harley-Davidson Vector Liner Lock Pocket Knife in Gift Box

vector in Gift Box

This awesome little knife is MADE IN THE USA! It’s lightweight, high quality and is packaged in a two piece Harley-Davidson gift box.

The Harley-Davidson Vector knife features a 2.5″ tanto blade made of 420HC stainless steel. The blade has dual thumb studs for ambidextrous one hand opening. The bead blast silver anadized CNC machined 6061-T6 aircraft aluminum handle is 3.75″ closed. It has a black rubber insert that says “Harley-Davidson” and a Bar and Shield logo on the pivot. The handle also features a linerlock and a lanyard hole. Can be ordered with and without pocket clip while supplies last at www.Shop.RoadCaptainUSA.com

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vector in box

Ride Like A Pro – Product Review

Ride Like A Pro

What is the most important thing you can spend money on after buying a motorcycle, insurance and the essential riding gear? Is the answer a custom paint job, a truck load of chrome and high performance accessories? No! Unfortunately that is not the answer. The answer is training!

I want to be the best motorcyclist I can be. I have been riding and racing motorcycles since I was thirteen and am a patched HOG Road Captain. Even with years of riding experience do I think I know it all? Of course not! No one rider is so good that he can’t learn to be better. If you are serious about riding, you will seek out training and training materials.

Ride Like A Pro V is a simple straight forward training DVD that I consider a must see. It is produced by Jerry “Motorman” Palladino; a motorcycle police officer and instructor with a corny sense of humor. Jerry felt the training that motorcycle officers receive should be available to the public so he started teaching classes based on those techniques. This DVD focuses on three simple techniques that motor officers have been using for sixty years. These are the skills that allow motor officers to out ride 98% of the riding public. Some of the skills in this video are counter intuitive, in other words they do not come naturally. You have to watch the video and you have to go out and practice.

Since watching this DVD my riding has improved tremendously. There is not a day that I ride my motorcycle and do not reflect on the skills demonstrated in this video. I recommend you watch it, and then go out and practice it. For a sneak peak visit YouTube and search for Jerry “Motorman” Palladino or Ride Like A Pro.

Ride Like A Pro V can be purchased at www.Shop.RoadCaptainUSA.com as well as several other companion DVD’s. Click here!

Purchase the DVD now for $29.95 plus $2.95 shipping and handling through PayPal by clicking the “Buy Now” button.

Ride Like A Pro recently published all the information on the well known DVD in a coil bound book also available at www.Shop.RoadCaptainUSA.com the book is excellent in outlining the excercises and how to set them up. To master these skills buy both the book and the DVD. Click Here!

Harley-Davidson Moneyclip Tanto Knife 13300BK

benchmade hd moneyclip knife

I recently received this cool little moneyclip pocket knife as a gift. I liked it so much I was inspired to write a little piece about it.

The Levitator moneyclip pocket knife fits in the palm of your hand and makes for a functional gift. Manufactured by BenchMade and designed by McHenry and Williams the innovative design is sure to please. An ingenious patented mechanical LEVITATOR system is integrated into the handle and leverages the spring/pin system to effectively lock the blade open and closed. To open or close the knife you press on the Harley-Davidson Skull logo to release the lock. The tanto blade is AUS8 High Carbon Titanium coated stainless steel. The moneyclip which can also be used as a carry clip is stainless steel. Measures 4.75” open and 2.8” closed. All Harley-Davidson Benchmade knives come with the outstanding Benchmade lifetime warranty and LifeSharp® service. The LifeSharp® Service is a free factory sharpening, cleaning, and tune-up of your H-D® Knife. Send Benchmark a check or money order for $5 to cover the return shipping and handling fees. Your knife will always perform like you expect.

This is a high quality piece that will put a smile on any nife-o-maniac. The warranty and LifeSharp® service sound great. Available at your Harley-Davidson dealership. This one came from Mike’s Famous Harley-Davidson in New Castle, DE.