Sportsman Eyewear – Perfect for the Biker Who Has Everything

sportsman 720 black av glasses with built in video camera

Have you ever purchased a new product that you thought was awesome?! Something new that you wanted to get in on the ground floor and help market. Well my friend Bob Van Ess goes to Sturgis every year and came across such a product which is being promoted mostly to hunters and other gun enthusiasts. He purchased the Sportsman Eyewear AV glasses at Sturgis and is now distributing them for the American company out of Waynesboro, VA focusing on the motorcycling market.

The Sportsman Eyewear are sunglasses with high quality built in video camera and audio capability for taking pictures and video sans hands! That’s right! No more carrying cameras or video cameras; perfect for motorcyclists! The glasses take a smoother picture than the mounted types because they do not suffer from the vibration of the road and motorcycle. How often have you wished you could be taking a picture or video of exactly what you are looking at while riding?! This is the answer to your wish. Perfect if you don’t wear a helmet and fit comfortably with shorty and half helmets. Might not work as well with a full face or three quarter.

“My name is Bob Van Ess. I am an avid motorcycle rider, riding motorcycles since I was 15. Started with dirt bikes, as I got older started purchasing & riding street bikes, now at the young age of 54 have been on a lot of adventurous rides. The past 3 years I have been attending and enjoying the Sturgis motorcycle rally experience. While there this year, wanting to record my trips while riding to all the fabulous places in South Dakota (Spearfish Canyon; Deadwood; Mt Rushmore; Custer park; Needles National park; The Badlands; Black hills; Wall) just to name a few. I was introduced to a distributor who markets a “hands free” recording Video/Audio sunglasses. A very user friendly pair of sun glasses that records video as well as still shots with the press of a button on side of a pair of sunglasses. I talked to several guys & gals who had purchased them the previous year and everyone I spoke to loved them and was very satisfied with them. I purchased them and have to agree they are All That! Love them and they are very easy to use.”

Sportsman Eyewear continues to be the technology leader with their second generation dual technology video recording sunglasses featuring 720 x 480 Audio/Video Recording plus a 1280 X 1024 Digital Camera. Their processors are custom built to exacting design specifications utilizing the finest US made TDK components and producing the finest audio/video quality with bright bold colors and crisp resolution. The Sportsman A/V glasses use the industries best Kingston Micro SD Card as recording media. Also included at no additional cost are the 115V Wall Charger Adapter, 12V Vehicle Adapter and a Micro SD Card/USB Thumb Drive Adapter. The lenses are ANSI safety rated while providing UV protection. When you purchase Sportsman Eyewear your warranty is immediately in effect and there are four full service repair facilities in the US.

Video/Audio recording eyewear, great for recording motorcycle rides, hunting trips, archers, anglers, traffic police & travelers. Power duration of 3 to 4 hours. Purchase of Video recorder sunglasses & digital camera will includes three separate interchangeable lenses- dark sunglass lenses, Yellow lenses & Clear lenses. Will also include: AC adapter, card reader, USB cable, car charger, cleaning cloth, carrying case, lanyards, user instructions. The glasses plug directly to your computer (PC or Mac) via USB cable and do not require any special drivers or software. Video recording download and playback are easy.

WARRANTY – 90 days free parts and labor against factory defects and workmanship.  Warranty doesn’t cover damage/breakage to the frame.  Warranty doesn’t cover damage/breakage to the frame due to dropping or mishandling. The warranty doesn’t cover electronic damage due to water, over/improper charging, including the Micro SD Card.  Extended Warranty must be purchased at the time of sale.  Shipping cost for repairs will be borne by both parties.

EXTENDED WARRANTY – A one, two or three year Extended Warranty is available at the time of purchase for $29.00 per year.  Extended Warranty must be purchased at the time of sale.  Shipping cost for repairs will be borne by both parties.

Contact Bob at 610-533-2060 for more information.

Diamond Gusset Defender Jean with Kevlar®

Diamond Gusset Kevlar Reinforced Riding jeans

Diamond Gusset jeans are made in Tennessee and offer a high quality American made product whose primary selling feature is comfort. The Defender is made of rugged 100% cotton coarse weave denim. All other jeans have a location at the bottom of the crotch where four different seams all come together in a knot that you have to sit on! This knot could become uncomfortable while straddling your motorcycle while stopped at a traffic light. Who wants to sit on a bulky knot while duck walking or straddling or whatever? All Diamond Gusset jeans feature a diamond shaped gusset that avoids the uncomfortable intersection of the conventional design! This feature makes for a more comfortable pant.

Diamond Gusset Defenders are reinforced with Kevlar® fabric panels on the inside to protect the motorcyclist from abrasion if he should have an accident. The Defender Jean comes in a wide assortment of waist and inseam sizes so you can purchase a pair that fit you right out of the box! No hemming needed! These jeans have an excellent fifth pocket on the thigh perfect for holding your cell phone. The Defender comes with Velcro® straps at the ankles to close out a breeze coming up your leg while riding. In my opinion the Kevlar® panels in the ass of the Defender don’t come down far enough below the butt cheeks. I would like to see Diamond Gusset Brand improve their ass coverage. Diamond Gusset jeans are extremely functional but look generic. You will not win any fashion shows wearing these, but they are rugged and made in the US of A! If you are a no nonsense kind of guy and don’t like fancy stitching and embroidery, these are your jeans!

The Defender costs $115.95 and you can order them online. You can also visit their store which is just off the Natchez Trace Parkway west of Nashville.  The perfect excuse for a road trip. For more information and customer pictures visit

For more information on the Natchez Trace Parkway and other American byways vist

Motorcycle CB Radio Systems

J&M CB Radio from Cycle Accessory Store 

In February of 2010 I wrote Part 1of this story. Since then several members of our HOG chapter came to the same conclusion: that the ability to communicate would greatly improve the group riding experience. Four female members, including Diana, purchased the J&M handlebar mounted CB radio. Diana purchased hers used and was the third member of our chapter to own it (the two previous members were men who upgraded to CB equipped Ultra Classics). She got a good deal on it and it has worked fantastically. Some of our members purchased the J&M with the short antenna and found they had to replace it with a longer one. The only time Diana had a problem with her CB radio was when we stayed overnight in North Carolina and she didn’t put the cover on it. In the morning the condensation on it affected it’s performance for several hours before it dried out.

Midland CB 75-822

The J&M unit with all the attachments and antenna will cost in the area of $600. I was curious if I could find a more affordable system and purchased this handheld Midland 75-822 at $76.73 and a Cobra magnetic mount base antenna for $24.99 both from Amazon. I purchased a special motorcycle RiderComm-S1 headset that worked with the Midland at $89.95 from

I spent a considerable amount of time and money trying to get the unit to work well as a mobile unit powered with the 12 volt cigarette lighter plug and utilizing a base antenna. In the end I found it worked best as a handheld unit powered by batteries with the short 7″ antenna. To say it works well in comparison to the J&B or the Harley CB’s would be a lie. It works just well enough for the absolute minimum of communications but not good enough for conversation. In the end I would have to say any amount of money spent to be able to communicate is well spent. However you will get what you pay for. I initially invested $200 and subsequently another $50 or so on antenna’s and antenna mounting brackets. The system does work and for $200 I would say it is worth it. If you can afford the $600 system I would recommend you go to and purchase the J&B. 2010 Motorcycle Sweepstakes

Fox Creek Leather Lined Motorcycle Chaps – Product Review

Jay in his new chaps

Fox Creek Leather makes the finest leather motorcycle chaps I have come across. Their jackets, vests and chaps are handmade in America and backed up by a lifetime warranty. These are premium leather motorcycle accessories that you will own for a long time. They will not fall apart like the cheap leather garments found at motorcycle rallies. In comparison all other leather garments are just a fashion statement.

checking chaps length
My wife and I could have ordered our lined leather chaps on the Internet from but there were several advantages to visiting Fox Creek in person.  The first was a good excuse to take a trip to the Blue Ridge Mountains. The second was to take pictures to accompany this product review. The third reason was to try our chaps on and make sure they fit. Fox Creek chaps are available in 130 different size combinations ensuring proper fit around the waist and thighs. Melinda the Office Manager spent a tremendous amount of time making sure that we were sized correctly and happy with our new motorcycle chaps.

Diana getting fitted
The customer service at Fox Creek is unbelievable! Fox Creek is a small company that genuinely cares about their customers. While we were at Fox Creek’s store on Highway 21 in Independence, VA not only were we given sodas and snacks but we witnessed how other customers were treated. Melinda offered to loan a leather jacket to a customer who was travelling through the Blue Ridge Mountains by motorcycle in a hoody and was feeling the chill of early fall. The customer didn’t take Melinda up on her offer but it blew my mind and I’ll never forget it.  I have read several outstanding customer testimonials. One story was from a customer who ordered a vest online and asked to exchange it for a different size. Fox Creek sent the replacement out first thing; they didn’t wait for the original item to be returned! You’ll find numerous stories like this in the About Us section of their website and at their blog: Read a few of these customer reviews and you will understand why Fox Creek customers are loyal to the company and their products.

Fox Creek leathers are made of full grain drum dyed 3.5 – 4oz naked leather that is supple to the touch and offers superior road protection. The Lined Motorcycle Chaps feature a zip out quilted Thinsulate® liner for extra warmth. They have heavy duty brass YKK antique zippers. Diana and I have been out riding in our lined chaps this fall and they are doing a great job of keeping our legs warm, even when the temperatures are dipping down into the low fifties and high forties.

We highly recommend the lined chaps from Fox Creek Leather. The leather garments exceeded our expectations in every way and it was a pleasure doing business with a company that still has old fashioned values.

On Black Friday, think Black Leather! Click below banner advertisement for more information on FCL.

What Motorcycle Riding Boots Do You Recommend?

I don’t like wearing “Motorcycle Riding Boots”. They are usually big and clunky. Sometimes they don’t even fit under a toe shifter. I do think they grip better on asphault. However I prefer the comfort of a good pair of sturdy leather workboots with a lug sole that are designed to be comfortable when you are walking. I remember before I came to this conclusion and wore a big heavy pear of Harley-Davidson Brake Light boots. After a long day of riding my feet begged to be let out of them. Someone please take off my boots! I’m going for comfort and function, not image. I don’t need a pair of boots that scream: “I’m a biker!”. I appreciate a pair of boots that just look normal and don’t bring any attention to them. 2010 Motorcycle Sweepstakes

It’s time for a new pair of workboots. Mine are starting to fall apart after serving me well for over ten years. I want a pair of black 6″ soft toe boots that are insulated and waterproof. I would love a pair of Red Wing boots and have never owned a pair. I’m not sure there is a pair that fits my above requirements. They might be a little beyond my budget. I’m thinking Timberland Pro.

I don’t like the idea of a safety toe because I fear if bent back they could chop my toes off. I want a black pair of boots so that they never look filthy; even though they will be. I prefer waterproof for those times we get caught in the rain. Not to mention it helps when shoveling snow in the driveway. Who needs wet feet in January? Insulation of course is for the colder months and I wear my boots more often in the colder months when there is snow on the ground. I can wear insulated boots three out of the four seasons. I believe insulated boots are thicker and sturdier. Therefore they offer more protection.

Please weigh in on what boots you like and why.

Tour Master Synergy Heated Jacket

It’s that time of year to start thinking about cold weather motorcycle gear. Riders Discount sent me a Tour Master Synergy heated jacket liner last winter. I really really dig this jacket liner. In the fall you can wear it as a jacket without plugging it in. It is windproof and features 100gm polyfill insulation and will keep you warm even without turning it on. You can carry this and a lightweight jacket with you in the early fall when you don’t know if it will be warm or cold. If it’s warm you wear the lightweight jacket. If it gets cool you switch to the Tour Master Jacket Liner. When it gets even cooler on the ride home after sundown you put the jacket on over the jacket liner. If it gets colder than that, you plug the sucker in and turn it on! 

Tour Master Synergy Heated Jacket Liner

I love the high heated collar, it is comfortable and keeps my neck covered and warm. The knit cuffs keep wind out of the sleeves. There are connectors at the end of the sleeves to plug heated gloves to the jacket liner. Although the controller is easy to operate, I feel like a suicide bomber with the controller hanging out. It keeps the jacket from looking like a normal jacket. The controller has a high, medium and low setting. I wish it had a dial setting like the fully adjustable Harley/Gerber heated gear.

Before having the heated jacket liner, the key to cold weather riding was lots of layers. Having heated gear is the opposite. You need less layers between you and the heated garment. This is great because you don’t have twenty layers to peel off when you stop to shop and/or eat. However it sucks if something becomes unplugged or you suffer a malfunction. I was leading a ride and twisted in a way that caused one of my wires to become unplugged. I got cold but I didn’t want to stop the whole group to fix my wire. If you have a heavy duty leather jacket with a zip out insulated lining I recommend you remove the liner as the heated jacket replaces that liner. Having both gives you that Michelin Man feeling… but is warmer. Sometimes I get a tiny sting from a hot spot so I am going to double up and wear a t-shirt over a long sleeve t-shirt.

Overall this is a great great product and I give the Tour Master Synergy Jacket Liner a big thumbs up!

Tip: I use a heated garment adapter to plug my heated gear into the battery tender quick connect cable that comes out from under my seat. Click here for more information on this.

heated garment adapter 2010 Motorcycle Sweepstakes

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