Hoo-Rag The Better Bandana

The multi functional hoo-rag looks like a great product. The hoo-rag folks sent me several Skull Daddy Hoo-Rags which is really special since they are currently “sold out” of this. It must be their coolest one. There are other similar skull looking Hoo-Rags. For the safety minded there is a solid Hi-Viz orange one.

I have two Skull Daddys left to give away to the first two readers who comment on this post. I’ll e-mail you back to get your mailing addresses. Good luck readers!

Vist www.HooRag.com for more information.

Dark Custom Sinister Low Rider

Dark Custom Derby Cover, Timer Cover, Air Cleaner Cover

Christmas presents from Diana! She is the best isn’t she?! I wouldn’t spend a dime on cosmetic accessories but Christmas is a time to buy the ones you love something special they wouldn’t normally indulge in. So my wife got me these cool Dark Custom accessories for my 2007 Dyna Low Rider. The air cleaner cover on the left took several months to come in after being special ordered.

Here are the before pictures:

Not so evil Low Rider

Nice Clean Low Rider

The air cleaner cover is kind of funky the way it goes on. I didn’t think it was the right part. I had to make sure with Doug the Service Manager at Rommel Harley-Davidson and ask him how it went on. I was also surprised to find out the decorative timer cover really doesn’t cover anything at all except a hollow compartment. The derby cover requires the new flat round gasket part# 25416-99C.

Here is the novice mechanic at work wearing one of his Dark Custom caps (I should have worn my black one):

novice mechanic at work

Here is the primary side with new derby cover:

dark custom derby cover on 2007 dyna low rider

Everything went smoothly except… one of the screw holes in the timer cover… the threads just disintegrated. I didn’t apply any pressure and they just stripped right out. I’m glad this is strictly a cosmetic cover but the imperfection is driving me crazy! Please tell me what to do to fix this using the original screw and not tapping new threads. 

The motorcycle is looking evil and somewhat sinister and definitely dark and is now a little custom. So now the Transformer has become the Dark Sinister Evil Custom Low Rider with lots of practical removable accessories like saddlebags, windshield and sissybar.

Thanks for the presents babe! I love you because you make me omelets for breakfast every weekend, make the best ice cream deserts with strawberries and chocolate and caramel and whip cream, plan the best road trips and buy me cool presents like these. And you encouraged me to buy my first Harley-Davidson and always go for my dreams. Almost at the five year mark! I think you’re a keeper!

Multi-Fit Derby Cover Dark Custom – Part# 25562-09

Multi-Fit Timer Cover Dark Custom – Part# 32414-09

Multi-Fit Dark Custom Air Cleaner Cover – Part# 61300057

Harley-Davidson Oil Change Tools

harley-davidson oil change tools

Here are some handy items you can buy from your local Harley-Davidson dealer to help change your oil. The primary funnel is pretty nifty. I also like the oil catcher that goes under the oil filter. I’m going to return the transmission fill funnel and get my $5.95 back as I got a free funnel just like this one bundled with the oil pan I bought at Advanced Auto Parts. I also see them for $1.00 at Dollar General.

Transmission Fill Funnel – Part# 63799-10 = $5.95

Primary Oil Fill Funnel – Part# 63797-10 = $10.95

Multi-Fit Oil Catcher – Part# 63794-10 = $20.99

Fix My Hog Banner 4

Craftsman 255 Piece Tool Set #35255

craftsman 255 pc tool set 3255

So just around my birthday Sears had this 255 piece tool set on sale for $199 and it normally retails for $299 so guess what you know who got for his birthday from the best wife ever! Nothing says I love you like a craftsman tool x 255 pieces = true love!

Fix My Hog Banner 4

Craftsman Evolv Air Compressor

crafstman air compressor

I bought myself a present last year: a Craftsman Evolv 3 Gallon Pancake Air Compressor. This is an oil free pump that requires virtually no maintenace. The reason I bought this compressor is it comes with a 2″ brad nailer. The compressor is 1/3 HP and I wish I got a more powerful unit, but I felt for the money that this was the best value because hey… I got a free nail gun! It retails for $100 but I got it on sale for about $80. It comes with a 25′ recoil hose which is not long enough in my book and the recoil is a pain in the butt. I replaced it with 50′ Craftsman Heavy Duty 3/8″ black rubber air hose which retails for about $40. I also got the Craftsman Tire Inflator with Gauge which makes the package! It retails for about $25. Having the compressor here to keep the tires inflated on our cars, truck and motorcycles to proper PSI all year round is invaluable. It’s a very handy tool to have around! If you believe that by the time you ride to a gas station the heat from the friction of the road has already affected your tire pressure than you should also believe that you have to measure and fill your tires cold before leaving home to do it 100% accurately. Get an air compressor, check your tire pressure often and keep them inflated to the proper spec.

Fix My Hog Banner 4

Fix My Hog DVD

Fix My Hog DVD

Fix My Hog DVD’s bring clear detailed straight forward instructions on basic Harley-Davidson maintenance right into your living room. Fix My Hog© Inc. was founded by Dennis Santopietro after he was frustrated with the high cost of motorcycle upkeep as well as the lack of how to video’s on the market. Dennis’s lifelong friend Bob LaRosa is a graduate of MMI, a professional motorcycle technician and owner of a motorcycle shop in Connecticut. Dennis contacted Bob and together they produced these award winning training DVD’s. The DVD’s show you in detail how to perform basic maintenance on your Harley-Davidson motorcycle. The DVD’s come in Sportster, Touring and Softail/Dyna editions. There are also Bolt On Performance edition DVD’s available for Touring and Softail/Dyna.  The DVD’s are professionally produced and easy to follow. Unlike books, these DVD’s let you watch as master mechanics show you step by step what to do. You can fast forward, rewind and watch again and again at your leisure. These DVD’s have given me the confidence to do my own maintenace this spring! I’m so impressed with these easy to follow DVD’s I contacted Dennis and worked it out so that I can offer them at my online store: www.Shop.RoadCaptainUSA.com