2012 Harley-Davidson Calendars

2012 harley-davidson archives collection wall calendar 2012 Harley-Davidson Wall Calendar 

It’s that time of year to purchase your new 2012 Harley-Davidson wall calendar for your work space. Choose between three different Harley-Davidson calendars by clicking on these pictures to purchase through my Amazon store.

2012 harley-Davidson calendar

2012 Motorcycle Pin Up Girl Calendars

2012 iron and lace custom motorcycle calendar  2012 Iorn and lace Motorcycle wall calendar

It’s that time of year to purchase a new 2012 pin up girl motorcycle calendar for your man cave. Click on one of the three pictures to make a purchase through Amazon.com 

2012 fast Dates calendar

Art of the Harley-Davidson Motorcycle – Book Review

Art of the Harley-Davidson Motorcycle

Art of the Harley-Davidson Motorcycle is my favorite so far in this catagory of books specializing in Harley-Davidson. When it comes to motorcycle books they usually fall into one of several catagories and although I would personally call this catagory “coffee table books” a better catagory name might be “portrait photography” or “pictorial”. These are books featuring high quality photography reproduced on fine paper with attention to color reproduction on large pages that illutrate the beauty of motorcycles. I think all Harley-Davidson enthusiasts believe motorcycles to be objects of beauty and definitely find many models to be rolling pieces of artwork.

This book is a collection of portrait photography by David Blattel featuring over 100 stunning machines from the 1900’s to today’s high tech two wheeled mechanical accomplishments from America’s most successful motorcycle company. David Blattel has been a professional photographer since 1978 and has been shooting Harley-Davidson  motorcycles for the MoCo since 1989 when he was chosen to shoot for the Harley-Davidson calendar. What I find unique about this work is that David first identifies a motorcycle that is a piece of art and then finds a location that matches the personality of the machine for a very artful representation of our favorite Harley-Davidson’s. There are vintage pieces of two wheel machiney in front of old barns, rail road trains and prop driven planes. Bikes are shot on beaches, in mountains and in front if city scapes.

This book is organzied into 11 catagories or chapters. Each two page spread has a beautiful picture of a noteworthy artistic Harley-Davidson in stock form as would be on display in the Harley-Davidson archives. The motorcycle is set in a scenic spot picked just right to show off the motorcycles personality and each spread is accompanied by a short easy to read but insightful and informative article about the motorcycle from H-D expert Dain Gingerelli. Dain Gingerelli also worked on Harley-Davidson Museum Masterpieces that I reviewed a year ago.

Especially clever and attractive is the die cut window through the front cover showing a color photo from the inside of the book of the same picture depicting the same motorcycle in black and white on the color. The spine of the book has the title boldly foil stamped in shiney chrome like silver. The book and it’s contents are truley art! For more information on this book published by Motorbooks click here.

Backroads & Byways of Maryland – Book Review

backroads & Byways of Maryland

While checking out the quaint town of Oakland, MD just outside Deep Creek Lake I wandered into a fantastic bookstore that had great travel books and small town personal service with a smile. The store is the Book Mark’et & Antique Mezzanine. I was pleased to find this resource of backroads and byways in Maryland. The book is called Backroads & Byways of Maryland and includes all the great destinations in Maryland. The book has alot of interesting information about the history of these places, restaurants and inns. Personally I think it should be called something more like Great Destinations In Maryland because it is more about the destination spots than the Backroads and Byways. In fact I would say it isn’t about byways at all. As far as docovering new scenic roads it is no help but it is still a good resource, especially if you are new to traveling in Maryland. Click here for more information.

Diana sitting in front of the Book Market & Mezzanine

Diana sitting on a bench outside the Book Market & Antique Mezzanine in Oakland, Maryland

Freedom – Credos From The Road by Sonny Barger

freedom by sonny barger

These are Sonny Barger’s essential beliefs gleaned from years of living the club life; sometimes behind bars. “The baddest man on two wheels” brings us 50 nuggets of wisdom. If you have read Sonny’s other books than a few of these creeds will be familiar such as chapter one: Treat Me Good, I’ll Treat You Better. Treat Me bad, I’ll Treat You Worse. As usual Sonny delivers an easy to read no-nonsense straight from the hip book. It’s a small 5.25″ x 7.5″ hardcover from one of the most interesting individuals in American history. These are the philosphies of a man who has given up his freedom on more than one occasion to stand up for his beliefs. How could you not want to know what is on his mind? I enjoyed this book and so will you. It’s an original just like Sonny. Click here for more information on this book.

Two Fingers on the Front Brake?

I grew up on dirtbikes and BMX bikes. Us dirtbike kids always covered the brake levers with two fingers while riding. Most of us had special little “dog leg” levers that only allowed room for two fingers. As a motorcross, trail and enduro rider I constantly worked the front brake lever with just two fingers. The remaining fingers allow you to hang on for dear life over bumpy terrain and control the throttle at the same time. Later in life I returned to motorcycling and bought a Harley-Davidson. I took the beginner and experienced MSF courses where I was instructed over and over to use all four fingers! I was even shouted at by instructors! Anything less than four fingers is frowned upon!

During the first cold weather ride of the 2010 season with my HOG Chapter I wore bulky winter gloves. Not being used to winter gloves the slight weight of my two fingers on the brake lever was just enough to engage the brake light (but not the brakes). The brake light stayed on and caught the attention of the other riders. They thought I might have a blown fuse or something and became concerned. When I explained to some of the other Road Captains that I often cover the front brake with two fingers I was told that what I was doing was contrary to all the instruction they heard. I argued briefly that covering the brake and being ready to stop at anytime allows me to stop quicker than someone who is waiting for the full four finger method taught in the MSF classes. I dropped the topic because I felt dumb. But the debate continued in my head. Did I have a bad habit that I needed to break? Or was I right and covering the front brake at all times while still controlling the throttle with my other fingers was an advantage? I often thought I should write a blog post about this skill set… but then I decided that it is probably just something that works for me and I should keep it to myself.

Then I read the chapters called Braking Techniques and Still Bringing Up the Rear in Ridin’ Safe by Larrry Grodsky and was relieved to find out I was right all along. Hopefully you already know a motorcycles stopping power is in the front brake. According to Larry the rear brake is not neccasary for stopping the motorcycle however it is a valuable aid in controlling the bike. Regarding my two finger braking here is what Larry says: “Two fingers are enough-if yours are long and strong enough, and if the lever hasn’t so much travel that it’s trapping your unused fingers against the grip.” I have been vindicated!

Click the below picture for more information on this book.

Stayin’ Safe